Chemistry 10-2-12 Pure Substances & Intro to the Periodic Table

CHEMISTRY: We’ve almost made it to the end! Here’s our discussion from today on pure substances and intro to the periodic table. Did you feel like it was mostly review? Good luck with the Element Handbook search. Give enough information to answer the question, but don’t go into minute detail – just the main facts.

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the Chapter 1 Study Suggestions sheet on Edline? Let me know if there is anything you need help with before the test on Friday!

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Hon Chemistry 10-2-12 Chemical Formulas – Part 1

HON CHEMISTRY: Thank you for being so flexible today! And great start on writing and naming chemical formulas!

What’d you think? Do-able? Here’s the lecture from today. We concentrated on binary ionic compounds today; tomorrow, we’ll do compounds with polyatomic ions. We’ll go kind of slow to begin with, but make sure to take time to practice, practice, practice, and learn it step by step. You’ll be as lost as ball in high weeds if you let yourself get behind!

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Physics 10-2-12 Student Solutions to Projectile/2-D Motion Problems.

PHYSICS: Awesome class today! I loved hearing you explain to each other how you worked the problems on the Projectile Motion/2-D Motion Worksheet! (Click back on that link if you need a copy of it.) Now go forth and see if you can do them by yourself tonight!

Here’s the vodcast from today. The first part has reminders from me of how I want/require you to format your work etc. Pay careful attention to those detail! The next part is all you! The problems from today don’t go in order, but I believe they are all there. Happy listening!