Hon Chemistry 4-20 & 21-23 Elements Occurrences & Uses

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! Did you every dream there was that much interesting and important stuff to know about the s, p, d, and f block elements?! From Thursday and Friday, here’s our look at the s, d, f a& p block elements. ,

As you are studying, make sure you go back and practice figuring out the period, block, group, and type of element from the electron configuration. And don’t forget the topics I asked you to research for yourself that you will find on the Chapter 5 Stuff to Know Sheet!!

To make your research even more interesting(!), there are some really interesting videos with tons of useful information at this site: http://periodicvideos.com/ Go pop some popcorn and have some movie time!

The videos that you must watch from the s-block for the test are potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

The elements from the d block that I especially want you to watch are copper and mercury. And there are other interesting ones you might like to watch just for fun!

The element video from the f-Block that you need to watch is: uranium.

And the element videos you need to watch for the p-Block are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine. http://periodicvideos.com/

From Thursday, Part 1

From Friday, Part 2

flickr photo by Wolfram Burner