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  1. I give myself 2 stars this semester so far. My chemistry grade could be better. I have not studied as much as I am supposed to. I should also pay closer attention in class going forward.

  2. I am going to rate myself a 3 because I feel like I am doing better this semester. My grade will probably not be where I want it to be later, but I feel like I’m getting better studying tactics. Also I feel like I am not procrastinating for test as much as I used to. The 3rd 9 weeks is always the hardest for me, so I have been trying to go in with a more positive attitude.

  3. This semester I’d rate myself a 2 because I feel like I’ve regressed in my notetaking. I’ve procrastinated due to other homework being prevalent and me being naturally forgetful. I plan to remedy this by using a notebook to write down homework.

  4. This week I struggled with balancing equations. As we kept practicing during class and at home I got a lot better. I also practiced with my tutor the day before the quiz. I only missed 1 problem with my tutor, showing I have really improved.

  5. This week I struggled with making careless mistakes during balancing equations. I can improve this by extra practice and double checking myself.

  6. This week I struggled with solving balancing equation problems in a fast manner, and also I struggled with procrastination. To remedy my procrastination, I played video games, which surprisingly didn’t help. To help with solving my problems faster, I waited until the period before Chemistry to solve my problems. In all seriousness, to try and remedy my problems, I’m going to start doing my homework during rehearsal and getting as much done at school as I can.

  7. This week I have triumphed in trying to study earlier for my quiz. I am going to be super busy this weekend and I know I won’t have time to study. I’m hoping I can do good on this quiz to raise my grade. I’m trying super hard to work hard in chemistry this semester and I think studying earlier will help.

  8. For this chapter i rate myself a 4/5 because I have finally been understanding the material. I also have not been struggling on the homework as much this week either. I’m hoping this test goes a bit better than they have been.

  9. This week I triumphed by understanding the material faster than I normally do. Even though I didn’t feel like I knew the material as well as I wanted to for the test, I am still happy that I was understanding more of the material than normal. I also started studying at the beginning of the week instead of procrastinating like normal. I worked super hard and I am glad I am learning not to procrastinate.

  10. This week I triumphed by completing my chemistry test. I was stressed that I wouldn’t have enough time to complete it all. However, I did complete it all within the time limit.

  11. RATE/REFLECT: This third quarter I “locked in” as they say. I would give myself a solid 4 because I did well. For example, I never missed a webpost because I set reminders. I didn’t make below a B on any test or quiz because I prepared and studied hard. I never turned anything in late (that I can think of) because I used a schedule to stay on top of assignments. There is always room to improve, so I plan on doing and ending the year even stronger. I did well because I worked hard, prepared, paid attention, asked questions, and stayed on top of assignments.

  12. This semester I would rate myself 3 out of 5 stars. I studied more than I have been, but I did not listen in class as well as I would have liked to. Next 9 nine weeks I will make sure to give my full attention to class.

  13. I would rate myself a 4/5 stars so far. I have stayed on task with my memorization, participated in class, and diligently worked to learn how to work problems. Next semester I hope to be more organized in the way I do my homework.

  14. I would rate myself 3/5 for the 3rd term. I say this because even though I still don’t have the grade I want, I have grown in other ways. I have realized that I have been pretty good about getting my homework done and turned in. I have also found new and efficient ways to study, which was one of my goals.

  15. I would rate myself 3/5 for the 3rd quarter. I say this because even though I still don’t have the grade I want, I have grown in other ways. I have realized that I have been pretty good about getting my homework done and turned in. I have also found new and efficient ways to study, which was one of my goals. I have also paid better attention in class too.

  16. In chemistry, I would have to rate myself 2 out of 5 stars this term. I have a lot of room for improvement on my grade in this class, and I should probably make more time for studying.

  17. I rate myself a 3 this week. I didn’t do as well as I could’ve on the test and I haven’t done well with the large problems.

  18. This semester I want to work on my procrastination. I have noticed that during the 3rd semester I have done ok with it, but I think I could do better. Especially with the project coming up I want to make sure that I am on top of everything. I am going to make sure that if I don’t understand material for a test that I will learn it prior to the night before.

  19. This week I triumphed by getting homework done on time. I’ve been so tired with the play and other class’ homework that I didn’t think I would have time to complete any other homework. I however, did complete 8 problems on my chem assignment this week while balancing play practice until 8 and 3 other assignments every day.

  20. This week I triumphed on getting my project done. I am trying not to procrastinate on it because I am going to be busy when it is due. I have been working on it during practice and my free time at home which has helped me a lot.

  21. Considering my workload throughout the week, I’d rate myself at least a 3 this week. I’ve had to juggle this project and numerous others, along with homework and rehearsals until 8. I only rated myself a 3 because I feel behind on the project, however. Hopefully I’ll be able to get farther this weekend because we have no shows on Saturday.

  22. TRIUMPH: This week I triumphed in the test. Although I don’t have the grade back, I know I did well in preparing. Grades do not define me, but I know the grade can not be that bad. I did well by putting in the hours to study. I triumphed because I was given a brain to use by God and resources to use my brain in order to know/apply information given by Mrs. Skinner. My triumph was expanding my brain’s knowledge and applying it on the test. ro

  23. For the progress on my project I would rate myself a one. I feel that I’ve spent too much time on doing other subjects or procrastinating to do well on the project at this time. Looking back on it, I’d maybe not do any extra-curriculars. They only take away focus from getting good grades and doing well in school.

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  25. This week I struggled with grasping the concept of Quantum numbers and Orbital Notation. I went back and watched the vodcast and it helped me to understand it better. I also went back and looked at my notes to rework some problems which helped too.

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