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  1. This week I triumphed in learning a lot of equations and how to do them. I also payed attention more during class.

  2. This third term is a 4/5. I have done a lot better than the previous two nine weeks in doing my homework and remembering to do my web post

  3. I would rate this term a 3/5. This nine weeks has been pretty stressful and challenging to say the least. I’ve been trying to stay on top of my school work but it can be too much at times. I hope the next nine weeks will be better than these past nine weeks.

  4. My goal for the forth term is to make higher grades on the tests. I plan to change up my study methods and spend more time studying.

  5. My goal for the 4th term is to continue to get better at memorization and to stay on top of web post and homework. Also to stay on top of my project and not procrastinate.

  6. My goal for the 4th term is to do all my homework and make better grades on assignments. I will study harder than I have before and I will put my homework first before I do anything else after school

  7. I triumphed this week in gaining a lot of information on the science project and learning more about the environment and how I’m going to survive

  8. This week I did well with staying on top of all of my work. Also with working on my project and being where I need to be in order to finish on time.

  9. My triumph this week was being able to get all my homework done and getting some of my project done during class and at home.

  10. This week I have been struggling with finding time to do homework and my project with everything going on out of school. I have been taking advantage of every spare minute I get at school to get my work done.

  11. This week I’ve been struggling with finding ways to survive with the items I have for my project and I’ve also been struggling with some of the new stuff we’ve been learning in class. I’m starting to understand it better now but there will always be something I won’t understand completely.

  12. This week I have struggled with focusing on the project and I barely gained any information on the project.

  13. This week I struggled with using my time wisely in and out of class. To fix this I am going to get my priorities right.

  14. This week I rate myself a 4/5. This week I have done very well with finding time to work on my project and not procrastinate or waste my time.

  15. I rate ExploreZone a 5/5. It was really fun to see our classmates and friends do some pretty cool experiments and see the joy it brought to the kids. I would love to do it again in the future if we are able to.

  16. I’d rate our explorer zone a 4/5, because we had very few fails and a lot of success, however I think that we could have made our exhibit more engaging.

  17. This week I triumphed in time management and setting aside time to work on my project. Even if it was just for a little bit. That really helped me to not be as stressed out.

  18. This week I triumphed in getting my homework done on, getting some stuff done on my project, and being able to understand what I was doing with the lesson we learned.

  19. During the Lost Project I learned that I shouldn’t have procrastinated for as long as I did and I should have started way earlier. I also learned that it wasn’t as bad as people said it was going to be.

  20. This week I struggled with studying for the test. I couldn’t stay focused and I didn’t understand the notes.

  21. I struggled with my test this week because I was not prepared and did not start studying soon enough. I have been on top of my notes and I am going to be much more prepared for the next test.

  22. This week I struggled with the test we took. I understand most of it but some of the test was a little hard to understand. I will study harder for our next test than I did for this one.

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