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  1. My struggle is getting the project started and making sure I don’t fall behind. I’m very busy right now and I don’t have a lot of time to work on it. My way to help with this struggle is work on it over the weekend and making sure to get a lot done on it.

  2. my struggle this week has been trying to keep up with everything at once. it’s really hard to stay on top of my project and im making sure im making the progress i need to while also trying to keep up with the regular things in class like our lessons, notes, videos, homework, class work, etc. to try and fix this issue, im going to make sure i come up with a plan on where i need to be by certain points in the project while also making sure i write down everything i need to be doing not only on the project but in class as well.

  3. My struggle this week was staying motivated to get my work done. I am going to work on this struggle by understanding that I shouldn’t need a motivation to get things done and to just power through and do it.

  4. I had a slight struggle this week where I got pretty behind on the project. I just didnt finish the research when i shouldve. Since i got a little behind then, I did some extra work one night to catch back up to where I was supposed to be.

  5. My struggle this week was finding time to work on the chemistry project, I was able to overcome this struggle by having my parents hold me accountable and having them set a time for me to work on the project.

  6. I struggled this week with keeping up with schoolwork and with the project, I will fix this by putting a good bit of time aside this weekend to work on the project.

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