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  1. Chemistry helped me grow to realize what I need to work on for my study tactics and in general school tactics. I learned that this class requires full attention and daily work. For the upcoming chemistry students, my advice to them is that you need to work on chemistry daily because it is unlike any other class you have ever taken. Something we could have done was more physics classroom activities because those are very helpful.

  2. 1. Chemistry grew me to be a more responsible and persistent student. I learned that when I’m put into a stressful workload situation I’m able to adapt and prioritize what I need done.
    2. To not be laid back or overestimate the class, the class is hard and does force your brain to work but it’s not to hard either as long as you take notes and study.
    3.If I wasn’t on online school all year, I guarantee I would have done better. Taking notes in class is way easier and free of distractions.

  3. 1. Chemistry grew me to become a more persistent learner and has helped me take better notes. I learned that if I apply myself I can really understand a concept that I am struggling on.

    2. My advice to future chemistry students is to not get behind on any work because it will pile up on you.

    3. Not remote learning could have helped me learn chemistry better this year because I couldn’t learn anything on zoom.

  4. 1. Chemistry helped me to grow knowledge of the beautiful things God created in this world

    2. For future chemistry students I would tell them that whatever you do, dont procrastinate

    3. There isnt much wrong you did for me in chemistry that I could think of. I know that you did your best and I am thankful for that.

  5. 1. Chemistry grew me in a way that has changed me forever. I learned that things don’t come as quickly to me as everyone else and so I have to work extra hard on the things I do and even then I may mess up.
    2. My advice for future students would be to do all of your homework because even if you fail the tests the homework will keep you from failing.
    3. More labs would have helped me so much more. I am a hands on learner and so labs benefited me greatly.

  6. One thing I struggled with this week was learning how to turn in assignments
    online the correct way. I am working on overcoming this struggle by constantly checking the website for any useful instructions on how to turn in assignments. Another way to solve this problem is to ask for help from the teacher or a friend.

  7. One thing I struggled with this week was knowing when I had assignments, and how and where I was supposed to turn the assignments. I am working on overcoming this struggle by checking Power School and the syllabus regularly. I can also overcome this by asking my teacher and friends, and by checking and using Remind.

  8. One thing I struggled with this week was adjusting to my schedule and figuring out how to turn in assignements for every class, especially chemistry. I am working on overcoming this struggle by continually checking every detail when I am turning assignments in. I can also turn to PowerSchool, Remind, or even a friend as an outlet for help

  9. This week in chemistry I sturngled with being behind on work, but I over came that by looking at the syllabus and asking other people who have chemistry questions about it and also actually doing my work.

  10. This week in Chemistry I was lazy with my work but next week I plan to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the work that’s due. “Checking the syllabus and asking questions is the key to success in this class.” -Some Junior This Year

  11. I struggled with feeling prepared for class. I also had a hard time figuring out how to inset a photo into my google drive., and from my google drive to a google doc.

  12. My struggle for this week was online chemistry. Being online, it is hard to stay on task. Remote learning it can be hard to focus and absorb all of the information. I am looking forward to being back in class.

  13. One thing I did well with this week was studying a few of the charts we needed to learn for our chemistry test Thursday. This is a good thing because it will help me make a good grades and expand my knowledge on chemistry related subjects.

  14. This week I did well and triumphed in checking and keeping up on current assignments. I did that by printing off and checking my syllabus daily, and listening in class intently when instructions were given or changes to the weekly syllabus were made

  15. This week in chemistry, I began to understand better how to turn things in online and overall started to process the way it is being taught. Only through practice was I able to achieve both of these and I hope I continue to widen my learning through focus, practice, and determination.

  16. Topic: Triumph
    This week I did a good job with my school work. I feel this way because I studied in advance for my quizzes/test, and I didn’t wait till the last minute to complete assignments. I also stayed aware by looking at my syllabus.

  17. My triumph is staying focused and taking good notes. I did this by mentally preparing myself everyday to face chemistry’s challenges head on.

  18. I triumphed this week in Chemistry by checking my syllabus everyday and keeping ahead on all my assignments that were due so I won’t get behind.

  19. This week I feel as though I triumphed during the Measurement Labs as I was able to use my notes to overcome my misunderstandings and I was able to do everything correctly.

  20. In these past few weeks I have learned a few new things that I can apply to my lifestyle. I think the most important thing I have learned is how to measure certain instruments/items. I use this often, and will most likely use it even more when I am older. I measure instruments for breakfast, dinner, etc… I use this every single day!

  21. Application: The conversions I’m learning will help me convert the metric system to the imperial system so I can better understand the metric system in real life. This can help me see the metric system in the eyes of something I already know and understand.

    Ask: what will I use conversion tables for if I don’t go into the sciences field? I enjoy cooking and this will help me visualize and comprehend the way certain measurements fit into each other. this also makes me a more well-rounded and a better person overall by understanding the sciences.

  22. I can use the scientific method to overcome problems in my life. Such as when I’m trying to figure my rabbit’s favorite treat. I can conduct experiments to discover what she likes the most.

  23. In these past couple of weeks, I have learned a few things in chemistry that I think can relate to my everyday lifestyle. One being that I now apply the quote “don’t just know; know why” to a lot of different aspects of my day-to-day life. It truly helps me understand the deeper meaning of many things. I also use and will continue to do many different types of measurements from here on out, so I believe that that was a very important refresher this week.

  24. Application,
    I have learned and been able to apply the Q formula to find out how many liters of oil my truck needed. I had to do this because the owners manual had how much oil I needed in milliliters.

  25. Rate: I think I deserve 4 stars this week so far. this is because I have spent almost every possible moment of free time studying chemistry or doing something else productive. I am proud of this and proud of myself this week. my confidence in my ability to do chemistry has also gone up this week. I want to continue to be this productive going into the future.

  26. Rate: Reflecting on this week, I would give myself 4 stars regarding how hard I worked considering how busy I was. I’m proud of myself in not giving up and striving for what I want. This week in chemistry, my hard work paid off and I pray I can continue to align my actions with my goals in my day-to-day life, and especially in chemistry.

  27. Rate: This week I would rate myself four out of five stars in chemistry for how I studied for the test today. I managed to go through most of the suggestions on the study suggestion list, and ran through the online reviews several times. I’m proud of myself for doing so much studying despite my busy schedule.

  28. A new topic could be overall questions then you take a day to review a few. Reaction Rates in chemistry are the speed at which a chemical reaction occurs. Other rates include rating something on a form of scale.

    • Oh snap that kind of rates!!! I’d give myself a 2 for not doing my homework everything else I think I’m fine with. Disappointed in my laziness but that something that will take time to improve on.

  29. This week I would rate myself a 5 out of ten in chemistry. I feel like I could have been more productive and Studied harder. I am proud of myself for not giving up on everything and still trying. Next week I will be more productive and try to do better!

  30. STEM: I read an article about why the inset population in Europe is decreasing steadily over time. They did a study in which they linked LED street lamps by roads at night to a decreasing population of insects, particularly caterpillars. The way we can solve this problem is by putting filters on the LED streetlamps which will cause the lamps to emit less harmful light, and save insects lives.

  31. Statistics is the practice of collecting data and placing it in an orderly format. By collecting data and observing endangered animals and their habits, statistics can help weigh their risks and present opportunities to help them.

  32. STEM: I read about a star that swallowed another star. It was rare for two stars to orbit each other and scientist have never seen this before but they collided and became a black hole. This happened 500 million light years away and was captured at a Hawaiian astronomy center.

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