8 thoughts on “Class Info

  1. one thing I struggle with is getting my homework turned in and on time so to fix that i am going to start asking myself everyday “do i have home work?” and if i do then complete it and if i dont well then i dont have to worry about it

  2. One thing I struggle is getting my homework done and keep forgetting about homework. Now I’m going to start to write it down in a notebook and try not to forget any homework from now on

  3. One thing I struggle with is truly understanding what we are doing in labs. To help fix this, I’m going to try to remember to read and re-read (if necessary) the labs the night before and ask questions on parts I still don’t understand.

  4. A Barton C3
    I tend to struggle with understanding labs and what they say to do. To help me with the labs, I will start asking questions and learn what it says to do.

  5. T Barron C3
    One thing I struggle with is checking my syllabus and not knowing what to do for homework. I will work on this by making sure before I leave the school I check the syllabus thoroughly and know what I need to have done to be ready for class the next day.

  6. This year, I am excited to learn many things, such as how different chemicals act once they are mixed together in different scenarios, like when they are hot or cold for example. I am pumped to get the year started.

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