PHYSICS 10-17-12 ACT Science Reasoning Overview, Pt. 1

PHYSICS: Your favorite thing to do, right? Wow! I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of all there that’s involved in getting ready for one test!

The good news? The ACT is so very do-able! All the answers are there, you just have to use what you know how to do to find them, and that takes practice, practice, practice. Do you have a better grasp of the skills that you’ll need and techniques you can use to be successful? Try it out tonight, and then let’s practice using them tomorrow in class! Fun times!!! 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 10-17-12 Moles, Molar Mass & Avogadro’s Number

HON CHEMISTRY: Yep, I did it again! Put new batteries in the mic, but forgot to turn it on! So….. a blast from the past, an old lecture on moles, molar mass, and Avogadro’s number.

You caught on super fast today! Remember, it’s all in terms of one mole. The mass of one mole, the molar mass, is the average atomic mass of the element in grams (periodic table). And the number of atoms in one mole is …. well you know that. Speaking of moles, isn’t he cute? Well, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. Hmmmm………

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