Hon Chemistry 10-4-12 Chemical Formulas Encore

HON CHEMISTRY: So is it a little clearer now? Did today’s homework review help? Here it is, just in case you need to save it for the future.

Also, for a bit more guided practice – spend some extra time with the review activities at www.sciencegeek.net! How’s the worksheet coming? A covalent compound means the same thing as a molecular compound – don’t let that mess you up. You’re doing great!! 🙂

Physics Test on Chapter 3, 2-D Motion

PHYSICS: So you ready for that test tomorrow? Since I forgot to turn on the mic at the help session this morning (!), I thought I’d post an old review from the Projectile Motion worksheet problems (I think it’s #3, 5, and 7). Don’t forget what you should do to start – Draw a picture, write what you know, resolve the resultant velocity into vertical and horizontal if you need to, and find formulas that fit (because it will hardly ever be solved with just one) and go for it!!

If you are talking angular projectiles, the resultant velocity is actually made up of two things – horizontal velocity and vertical velocity. The horizontal velocity never changes, the vertical velocity has a different direction going up and coming down, but it has the same speed at equal levels. If you’re talking horizontal projectiles, the resultant velocity is the same as the horizontal velocity of the gun – or whatever, because that’s the only kind of initial velocity it has! Relative motion is even easier – just use the Pythagorean theorem and tangent, and use horizontal to find horizontal and vertical to find vertical. Good luck! I’ll be praying for you!!

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Chemistry 10-4-12 Chapter 1 Test

CHEMISTRY – Are you ready? Good luck studying! Here’s the overview of the test that we did in class today. Did you like the videos? If you’d like to watch them again, you can find them at www.periodicvideos.com.

Make sure you aren’t just reading your book and notes. First, memorize the facts, then go back and make sure you can apply the concepts. Study examples, make your own examples, practice making questions. And don’t forget, if you are getting lost with everything you need to know, or if you’re not sure how to study, click here for the Chapter 1 Stuff to Know & Study Suggestions sheet.

Also, don’t forget the great review games that are in the Student Premium section of the online textbook. You can do this – I believe in you! I’m praying for you!!

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