Physics 9-30-22 Angular Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – So we are finally putting it all together – angular projectile motion! Here’s the lesson – some homework discussion and then angular projectile motion.

The number one thing to remember – Never use the resultant velocity to do more than find the vertical and horizontal components! And vertical is vertical, horizontal is horizontal and don’t ever mix the two!

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Physics 9-29-22 Horizontal Projectile Motion

PHYSICS: Great job today – and applying stuff from the last chapter no less!

Just go slow and easy, talk yourself through what you are doing and ask if the formulas you are using are legit. You’ll master it in no time flat. Watch out for squirrels throwing nuts!

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Physics 9-27-22 Relative Motion

PHYSICS – Great discussion of relative motion today! You know, we’ve done most of this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other.

Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

In case you want them, here are the answers to tonight’s problems.

41. a. 70 m/s east
b. 20 m/s
43. a. 10.1 m/s at 8.53° east of north
b. 48.8 m
44. a. 14.1° north of west
b. 199 km/h
45. 7.5 min
46. a. 23.2° upstream from straight across
b. 8.72 m/s across the river
50. a. 22.2 s
b. 2.00 × 102 s
52. 22.5 s
54. 70. s

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Physics 9-26-22 Component Vector Addition – Concept Review

PHYSICS: I do believe you are well on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition. Good job! Pay careful attention to the smallest details – it can make a huge difference.

Here’s the overview of the conceptual questions from the homework – super short!

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Physics 9-13-22 Chapter 2 Concepts Review

PHYSICS: You can do this!! First here’s the conceptual review we did today, bumblebees, etc. At the end, we took a look the single splash problem. Below that is the help session from Monday morning.

God bless you as you prepare for the test! I’m praying for you!!!

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Monday Morning Help Session

Physics 9-6-22 Acceleration, Pt. 2 and Homework Review

PHYSICS: Speaking of sailboats, would you like to be on one right now? Good job with the derivations of acceleration formulas today! You’re doing really well with them – stay with it! Carefully examine what you know with the formulas you have that might fit. And if they don’t, examine what you do know that could lead you to what you need to know. You know? 🙂

The problems for tonight may be a little challenging, but you can do it!! Do you need some extra practice rearranging the formulas, or just working the problems? Help session?

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