Physics 2-24-21 Pascal’s Law

PHYSICS: Did you realize that fluids could produce that much force? Make’s you wonder at the awesome way God designed those beautiful under water sea creatures to withstand so much pressure, doesn’t it? This little creature is a lionfish from the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia.

Here’s the lecture on Pascal’s law and hydraulics and the like.

Physics 2-27-17 Pascal's Law from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Physics 2-17-21 Chapter 7 Test Overview

PHYSICS: Good to see some of you today! Here’s our overview of the Chapter 7 test. It will be an open notes test that you’ll take on PowerSchool Learning. First open notes – not open book, not open Internet, not open anything but your brain, your own personal notes, your calculator, and the Lord Jesus.

Time: The test will open at 10:00 A.M. and I’ll close it at 2:00 P.M. You do not need a password. You can have 90 minutes to take the test, but it’s a regular length test so I don’t think it will take that long. Let me know immediately if something isn’t working for you. You will not Zoom in to take the test.

Format: There are 3 sections. First, Multiple Choice. You’ll answer the multiple choice in PSL. If I were you, I’d have notebook paper for scratch work for these. Next, Discussion. You’ll answer these on your notebook paper. There is one that you have to answer, and two others of which you will pick one to answer. Finally, Problems. There are six problems and you’ll pick five to work. Answer these on notebook paper.

How to Turn It In: When you’re finished, you’ll submit your PSL mulitple choice answers only via PSL and you’ll scan your scratch work, discussion, and problems as a PDF and submit them to your Google Drive shared folder. Include in the PDF title, Ch 7 Test. Text me when you’re done and have submitted everything so that I can check to make sure I can see your work.

God bless you as you study and prepare!!

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Physics 2-12-21 Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, Pt. 2 & Tides

PHYSICS: So would you ever like to escape? Here’s our look at another of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation…… and to continue, tides.

Also, here’s a link to Paul Hewitt’s explanation of ocean tides – and there are lots of others! Hewitt Drew-It Ocean Tides

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Physics 2-10-21 Angular Momentum & Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, Pt. 1

PHYSICS: Wait! There’s a fourth law? Yep – Newton’s law of universal gravitation! So when you jump off of something, the Earth moves, huh?

You’ve learned little g, now you know big G! Good job setting up the formulas, also make sure you can apply the concepts.

Ready to escape? We’ll tackle the rest of the applications of this law tomorrow!

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Physics 2-8-21 Rotational Dynamics, Pt. 1

PHYSICS – Wow! Could you do this? Here’s the lecture on rotational inertia, angular velocity, and angular momentum – rotational dynamics! We’ll pick up the conservation of angular momentum tomorrow. Fun times!

By the way – I wonder how all this applies to other rotating things…like maybe the Earth? Hmmmmm……

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Physics 1-15-21 Chapter 6 Review & Help Session

PHYSICS: Here’s our short review of from today of some of the momentum concepts and problems from ch 6: #10 from the worksheet – the rollercoaster, and #47 from the textbook – the billiard balls. Below that is the help session from this morning – more about bouncing.

God bless you as you study for your test. I’ll be praying for you!

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Help Session from Tuesday morning:

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Physics 1-13-21 Collisions Problems Review 2

PHYSICS: Great job with some of the more advanced momentum and energy problems! Here’s a look at the student in the middle of a frozen pond, bird on the wire, and car crash with coefficient of friction.

Ready for the test? Take another look at some of the concepts!

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Physics 1-12-21 Collisions Problems with Energy & Bouncing

PHYSICS: Great job on the problems so far!! Here’s our look how kinetic and potential energy get involved – dart in the block of wood and the bird on the swing. This cute little bird isn’t on a swing, but he is one I came beak to nose with on a mission trip to Costa Rica!

What about even more practical applications? Hmmmm…..