Chemistry 10-3-12 Elements & Element Handbook Search

CHEMISTRY – Well, we did it! We finally finished chapter 1. Here’s the last of the notes on elements. How’d you do with the Element Handbook Search? You can ABSOLUTELY count on that information being on the test, so make sure you get that back from me tomorrow!

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the Chapter 1 Stuff to Know and Study Suggestionssheet? Great info there! And don’t forget about the interactive review games with the online textbook. Good stuff!

Have fun with the Observing a Candle lab tonight! Holler if you have any questions. Be sure and list your observations in two columns like it shows on the sheet – but on a separate sheet of paper. And don’t forget to douse the candle in water at the end!

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Hon Chemistry 10-3-12 Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

HON CHEMISTRY: Are you starting to see numbers in your sleep? Here’s the lecture from Wednesday on writing chemical formulas with polyatomic ions. The same………but different? Tons of memorization for this chapter – monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, and this is just the beginning. Are you working on the list of chemical names and formulas for common substances that’s due Friday?

Here’s the change in tonight’s homework: Pg. 240 – 244, 2 – 8, AND ADD 17, 18, 41, 44. Good luck, and keep practicing!!!

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