CHEMISTRY 10-25-12 Oxidation Number Practice

CHEMISTRY: Do you feel like we been playing hopscotch with the charges and oxidation numbers of atoms? Hopefully everything is a little clearer after today. Here’s the extra practice we did. And click here for a copy of the Pre-Test Worksheet that I handed out in class today. It is due tomorrow.

So many rules!! You’re starting to do really well with formulas and naming, but make sure you keep practicing by using your notes to follow the rules we’ve outlined in class – and MEMORIZE the polyatomic ions and oxidation rules! This vodcast will be great review for the test!

Don’t forget to write up the lab for tomorrow – Title, Objective, Procedure, and blank data table. If you forgot your lab book, you can write it on notebook paper and then re-copy it into your lab book later.

flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography