Physics 9-28-12 Angular Projectile Problems – Take 2

PHYSICS: Happy Homecoming Friday!! Don’t you just love it! Here’s the ultra short review we did of #36, the kid on the slide with the water gun, and #62, the rocket that accelerates and then it doesn’t, but how high did it go.

I did a quick wrap up of #62 after you left, so if you get stuck, you may find a couple of useful hints. Have a great weekend!


Physics 9-26-12 Angular Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – Great job today! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday on angular projectile motion. The number one thing to remember – Never use the resultant velocity to do more than find the vertical and horizontal components! And vertical is vertical, horizontal is horizontal and don’t ever mix the two!

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Chemistry 9-25-12 Chemical & Physical Changes

CHEMISTRY – Happy Homecoming! Here’s the lecture on chemical and physical changes, and also on the laws of conservation of mass and energy. Good job on tracing the energy transformations from one form to another. Make sure you can apply all this on the test (and in life!). 🙂

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Physics 9-25-12 Horizontal Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – Great job today, and applying stuff from the last chapter no less! Here’s the lecture from Tuesday on horizontal projectile motion. Just go slow and easy and you’ll master it in no time flat. Tomorrow let’s try projectile motion at an angle. Watch out for squirrels throwing nuts!

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Hon Chemistry 9-25-12 Mixture Separation Lab

HON CHEMISTRY: Pretty intense couple of days, huh? You know, I’m really proud of you! It’s one thing to be able to follow a set of directions, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to come up with the directions on your own! That’s a difficult thing to learn how to do, and you are doing a great job developing that skill.

Any questions about writing up the lab report for tomorrow? Use the Lab Report manuscript form you can find here or on Edline. Remember, some of you definitely need to elaborate on your procedure! And then, after you write your own conclusion, don’t forget all of the questions on the lab sheets. The answers, in complete sentences, go after your own conclusion.

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Physics 9-24-12 Component Vector Addition – Practice

PHYSICS – I do believe you are well on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition. Good job! Here’s the practice from Monday. Pay careful attention to the smallest details – it can make a huge difference. Happy Homecoming Week!!

UPDATE: Here’s the worksheet for tonight – pay close attention to the instructions! Vector Worksheet – 5 Problems

Chemistry 9-24-12 Changes in Phase

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Don’t you love homecoming week! Here’s the super short review of the changes of states/phases of matter. Btw – how’d you do on the symbols quiz today? Are you ready for one tomorrow…or the next day?

Oh, and don’t forget to get a copy of the revised syllabus for this week. Happy decorating!

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Hon Chemistry – When Is the Chapter 1 Test?

HON CHEMISTRY: You get to vote! Do you want the test on chapter 1 to be this Thursday or next Monday? Go to the syllabus and choose either Option A or Option B. Option A is on the left side of the page and Option B is on the right side of the page. Vote on the website by posting comment below. Polls close Monday night at midnight.

Please note that in either case, the World of Chemistry Scavenger Hunt is due on Monday, Oct. 1. Happy voting!


Chemistry 9-21-12 Physical Properties

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys! Great job with physical properties today! Lot’s of review, but did you learn some new stuff? Be sure and get the vocab down, but don’t forget to go back and make sure that you can apply what you learned! Let’s take this whole properties thing a step further on Monday!