Extra Credit

Every nine-weeks you may do extra Science In the News summaries for extra credit.

Regular Chemistry can do TWO extra Science In the News summaries every term.

Honors Chemistry & Honors Physics can do ONE extra Science In the News summary.

Each extra Science In the News can count up to 5 points each on a major test. (And that’s a lot!)

Click below for the assignment. Extra credit is due at the end of the nine-weeks.

Science in the News – DIGITAL



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119 thoughts on “Extra Credit

  1. My goal for 4th term is to have at least a 90 average. I plan to achieve this goal by watching vodcast, completing homework, and going to help sessions.

  2. My triumph this week is completing all of my homework on time. I accomplished this by not waiting until the last minute to do my homework.

  3. My triumph this week was that I completed all of my chemistry work. This is because I checked the syllabus daily and paid attention in class.

  4. My struggle this week was staying organized for my chemistry project. I overcame this struggle by planning out and following what I need to get done on my chemistry project.

  5. This week I struggled with getting started on my project. I finally found ensign research to confidently begin my project.

  6. Can Isotopes be created or must they only occur naturally? Isotopes can be made radioactively and usually have very long lives.

  7. This week I struggled with half life problems. I overcame this struggle by watching vodcasts and working practice problems.

  8. Chemistry made me more mature. I learned that I needed to make myself a strict schedule in order to keep up in the class. I would tell future chemistry students to study hard. I think ms Skinner and ms Jackie did an excellent job and could not have done a single thing better

  9. This week I give myself a 1/5. I wasn’t very productive, and I didn’t manage my time responsibly. I feel like I wasn’t very motivated to do much of anything. I think it is because for two weeks my schedule with remote was kind of lax, but it was hard getting back into full swing after such a long “break”.

  10. This week I really struggled with rest. But I have prayed to the Lord and he provided with some beautiful snow days.

  11. This week I struggled with preparing for chemistry class in advance. To overcome this struggle in the future, I will take a look at the weekly syllabus daily in order to know what to expect each day, and that way I won’t forget about homework either.

  12. My triumph this week was being able to finish the lab and be accurate. I was able to do this by being able to read the balance and graduated cylinder correctly.

  13. R: I would say this semester I worked very hard and tried. I studied and did well with all I could . There is always room for improvement, but I think I did well. I went home and studied almost every night. Most tests I feel like I understood information well and applied it. I would rate myself 4 stars. I now see that I need to ask for help sessions. I think this is a hard class, but we are well taught. My responsibilities were to go home and study what I didn’t know. Next semester I plan to prepare even more. I did well because I prepared and explored more with the information I was given.

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