Chemistry 12-5-23 Chapter 7 Parts 1 & 2 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY: Rain today, so we switched lab and test overview. God bless you as you study! Here’s our great overview of the test and practice from today. Also, did you find the Chapter 7, Pt 1 & 2 Stuff to Know sheet? Use it as a road map for your studying, but make sure you watch the vodcast to know how I will ask questions on the test. I know it seems like a lot, but you can do it!

Don’t forget the Ch 7 Parts 1 & 2 Online Review on Canvas. It has some great practice for the test!!

First priority – make sure that you have memorized EVERYTHING. Then, practice!!! Go to and make sure you can write and name chemical formulas. Practice, practice, practice!!! Then start practicing the different kinds of problems – do at least three of each one of them. And also try those on That’s always some good practice.

HELP SESSION Wednesday morning, 7:30ish – come if you’d some extra practice. I’ll be praying for you! You can do it!!

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Chemistry 12-4-23 One More Mole Problem & Moles of Chalk Lab

CHEMISTRY: Great job thinking through the moles of chalk lab! You set a land speed record for finishing a lab. Good job!

Here is a review of one of the mole HW problems. At the end of the vodcast, there are instructions for the lab, just in case you were out today. By the way, the lab can be written up on a sheet of paper – just make sure that you present your data and calculations like a scientist would!

Chemistry 12-1-23 Moles, Mass & Molecules

CHEMISTRY: So the little mole turns out to be a pretty big deal – and a very handy tool!!

Awesome job today! Molar mass and Avogadro’s number – these are a couple of great tools! So now think through the problems and go forth and conquer!! Be sure and practice them so you don’t forget!

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Physics 12-1-23 Chapter 5 Conceptual Review & Help Session

PHYSICS: Here’s a conceptual review from the chapter and a couple of potential energy problems – the bow and arrow problem and the pogo stick. Below that is the help session from this morning – problems #21 & #22 from an old homework

God bless you as you prepare for the test!

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Help Session from Friday Morning

Hon Chemistry 11-30-23 Describing Chemical Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: So tell me again – how do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred? And how could you record that for someone? Here’s the lecture from today on writing balanced chemical equations.

Here’s another hint – it’s not necessarily a good idea to try to make your own blue flame thrower! Click here to watch the Periodic Videos Blue Flame Thrower Video

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Chemistry 11-30-23 Moles, Mass, Atoms & Avogadro

CHEMISTRY: So… how big a bucket do you think we’d need to hold a mole of frogs? 🙂

Nope, not the furry brown creature that burrows underground, it’s a whole different thing! Here’s our discussion from Thursday on moles, mass, and Avogadro’s number. I still say he has a cool name… 🙂

HOMEWORK INFO: Do all the parts on the homework except only do b & c on the problems.

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Chemistry 11-28-23 Formula Mass & Molar Mass

CHEMISTRY: Now that you’ve learned to write and name chemical formulas, it time to take it to the next level and learn to use chemical formulas as a tool. Woohoo!!

Great job today with formula mass and molar mass! Be sure and show your work – and don’t forget to include the units!! (FYI – beginning of the vodcast is a look at oxidation numbers homework.)

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