Chemistry 5-13-24 Intro to Acids, Bases & pH

CHEMISTRY: Great intro to the properties of acids and bases, indicators and pH! Don’t forget The Physics Classroom assignment. If you need help on the last two levels, click on the Help Me button. It will give you the pH chart that matches certain indicator colors. Here’s a hint – Phenolphthalein indicator is always hot pink/magenta in a base. And last hint – the more negative the H3O+ concentration (that means the higher the negative exponent) the more of a base that it is. The lower the number of the exponent (which actually makes it a higher number) the more of an acid it is.

After the lecture today, you’ll begin the simLAB: Acid & Base Solutions – REGULAR. Open the lab here on the website. The link to the sim lab is on the lab sheets. You will type your observations and answers directly into the lab sheets. At the end of the lab, save your document as a PDF and submit it to BOTH your shared folder and TurnItIn.

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One thought on “Chemistry 5-13-24 Intro to Acids, Bases & pH

  1. I have really grown as a human from Chemistry class and it has really shaped my character tremendously. It has shown me that I can believe myself and grown my self confidence. I learned that while taking the class I have great intuition about science and I am smarter than I think. For future chemistry students, I would give the advice of paying attention in class and always staying on top of assignments. I noticed when i started to fall behind it was a lot harder to catch up then stay caught up in the first place. I would also give the advice of never giving up because that will get you nowhere in life. If we could have done something different this year that would really help me it would have been more test to give an opportunity for a better average. Overall this year has been a huge life changer for me made me realize things about myself I wouldn’t have before.

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