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  1. As much as it pains me to say this, chemistry has become one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It has taught me to not procrastinate my work, to comprehend faster because my brain functions faster than I think, and to look closely at every detail and take into account every possibility. I learned that I actually am better at applying myself and my brain and what I learned better than I think I can. My advice to future chemistry students would NOT, surprisingly, be to not procrastinate on the chemistry project. While that is important, my advice is to enjoy it. I have learned so many things this year just from chemistry and it really is something to enjoy. I have loved seeing the results of Mrs. Skinners teachings and I just wish I had enjoyed it more instead of stressing out about everything. I definitely think that if I had zoned in in class more often I would have learned things quicker and better but I also wish I had enough time every night to go back and watch the vodcasts because those are really useful resources. Overall chemistry and all its glory has only strengthened my confidence that I made the right decision by coming to Northpoint.
    Thank you,
    The only chemistry student that wishes it wasn’t over, Trinity Garvin.

  2. How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
    – Chemistry taught me how to take good notes and not get behind and study ahead of time and work hard on the test. I learned that I’m a way worse procrastinator than I thought (Lol) but this class has helped me to grow as a student and will affect the rest of the classes I take. this class has truly impacted me!
    What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
    – DO NOT GET BEHIND!!! if you miss watch the Vodcast. if you think your too tired to work on the project do it anyway. and don’t do your homework the class before its not a good idea (I learned the hard way)
    What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?
    – really nothing! Ms. Skinner was a wonderful teacher that loves her job and I truly enjoyed the class even though it was hard work I learned a lot more than just chemistry!

    I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER!! i’m sad its over but i’m glad I did it! thank you so much Ms. Skinner for investing time into me with help sessions and all of it i’m truly grateful for you and this class! you have been an amazing teacher and a real mentor in my life. thank you so much for everything you did for me this year!!

  3. 1. Personal Growth and what I’ve learned:
    Chemistry has been more than just a subject; it’s been a journey of personal growth. Through the challenges and triumphs, I’ve learned so much about myself—like how I handle stress, how I problem-solve, and how resilient I can be when faced with difficult concepts.
    2. Advice for Future Chemistry Students:
    Embrace the struggle. Chemistry can be tough, but don’t let that discourage you. Ask questions, seek help when needed, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Each stumble is an opportunity to learn and grow. Trust me, it’s worth it.
    3. Improving the Learning Experience:
    Looking back, I don’t think there is anything that would need to be changed although I really like labs so I’d like to see more opportunities to do fun labs.

    I’m grateful for the journey we’ve shared and the memories we’ve made. Here’s to embracing the challenges, cherishing the victories, and continuing to grow, both as students and as individuals.

    Thank you Ms. Skinner. Love Ya! <3

  4. 1.) I grew from chemistry by teaching myself how I need to study and how I can actually focus when I put my mind to it. I learned that when it counts I can set aside distractions and focus solely on my tasks at hand.
    2.) My advice to the future chemistry students is to not procrastinate on big assignments or studying. When Ms. Skinner says you should study way in advance that means you need to study in advance, or when she tells you you can’t do a project in one night, listen to that.
    3.) I think we could have had more help session and review days. Working out problems helped me remember how to do them on a test.

  5. 1) How did chemistry grow you? What did you learn about yourself?
    Chemistry taught me how I learn the best and how to study. I also learned to stay engaged and stay on top of my work

    2) What advice do you have for future chemistry students?
    Don’t procrastinate or get behind. It’s a lot harder to catch up when you wait until the night before

    3) What could we have done different this year that would have helped you learn chemistry better?
    I would say more labs. The labs were really fun and a nice break from the lectures.

  6. 1. I grew in my knowledge of how God’s creation is made up of carefully thought out systems and designs. I learned that applying what I know will take more work and time than giving a memorized or out-of-the-blue answer.

    2. While it is simple, it can’t be said enough: Do not wait until the last minute to do an assignment. Get ahead of the project, don’t let it get ahead of you.

    3. I would say taking the time with individual students rather than the whole class might have helped me as could it have helped other students. 

  7. Chemistry grew me as a person to become more responsible and on top of all of the tasked involved in the class. I learned that I am more capable than I think at learning chemistry.
    One major piece of advice I would give to future students would be to watch vodcasts on classes that you missed or were really zoned to get you really locked in. Also to make sure that you do all of your homework assignments.

    What I would have done better would be to listen to my own advice and re watch vodcasts because sometimes in class I really wouldn’t know what was going on. I also would make sure to go to every help session because I realized later in the year how helpful they really were.

  8. Chemostry grew me by maturing in life and handling things on my own. It has taught me to be better prepared for things if I want things to go smoothly. The advice I would pass on would to study and make sure you do all your homework. It will help practice and benefit you on the test. I wish we would have been able to do more practice days with the math section or even memorizing formulas/compounds.

  9. 1.Chemistry grew me in many ways. It helped me know my study tactics will not always be the same as your friends and classmates. Chemistry has made me have encouragement to come to school everyday so I will not be behind and I have missed a lot less school this year.I have learned to get better at remembering homework and having self discipline.

    2.My advice to a future chem student would be to ALWAYS do your homework(you won’t regret it). Try many study tactics for the first few tests and quizzes and find one that works best. Study hard. I live by “it’s easier to catch up on sleep than to catch up in a class”.

    3.I think one thing that would have helped me is like individual help sessions. I feel that even though we are involved in class some people can still be completely lost.

  10. 1. How did chemistry grow you?
    It made me more accountable for the things that I need to get done, It made me procrastinate less
    2.advice for future chemistry students?
    I would tell them to pay attention in class and not to procrastinate.
    3.What could I have done different this year that would help me learn chemistry better?
    I would have payed attention more and go to more help sessions

  11. (1) Chemistry grew on me a lot. It was unlike anything I’ve ever studied before. It was such a fun class to be in. I learned to take school and my classes more seriously. I also feel more ready to take on future science classes. I wish that I could put more effort in myself and in chemistry. I can’t take back the time that I missed.

    (2) – Always write down whatever you can! The more you have, the more you will be prepared. (I learned that the hard way)
    – Also make sure to READ that syllabus. You always want to know whatever is or will go on in the class. (I also learned this the hard way) Ms. Skinner could forget or just not tell you anything. It’s your responsibility to take care of your work.
    – Whenever Ms. Skinner tells you to do something, (Write something down, know how to draw something, read something, etc.) YOU DO IT.
    – Seriously, I mean seriously, watch those vodcasts. They are vital to helping you understand anything you missed or just don’t get at all. They are also really helpful for preparing you for tests.
    – Oh, and one more thing. PUT THAT PHONE AWAY! YOU DON’T NEED THAT THANG, not unless you need to use it.

    (3) I would say that I wish we could have done more labs. Though the time and pre-lab quizzes were in the way, the labs gave me an opportunity to bond with my classmates. Not only that, but the labs gave us an actual visual example of how things work in life.

  12. -chemistry taught me not to get behind on my work or procrastinate and make better use of my time while studying chemistry also helped me realize I am more capable of doing certain things than I thought before I came into the class.

    -my advice to future chemistry students would be to do your webpost and not procrastinate I would also tell them to memorize polyatomic ions, the periodic table and common substances cause it’ll hurt in the long run if you don’t. I would also advise them to read the syllabus each week and plan accordingly to also be able to study and do homework

    – I wish this year we could have had individual help sessions because with so many people at regular help sessions when I went it was hard to actually get what I needed to study more done because of how many questions and help other people needed

  13. 1. Chemistry made me grow in many ways, but the main way it grew on me was how I should not procrastinate. You can procrastinate in some other classes, but if you do the same thing to chemistry, you are setting yourself up for failure.
    2. Advice for future students is to be prepared for class and pay attention. Try to answer all the questions Mrs. Skinner ask you in class and it doesn’t matter if your wrong, this is how you learn.
    3. Overall I needed to stop procrastinating. This was the only reason why it had stopped me from my goal.

  14. Chemistry taught me that there will be hard things in life but those are things can be over come. There were several occasions where I wanted to give up on some math problems but I couldn’t let myself do that. It also taught me not to procrastinate.

    When Mrs Skinner tells you to learn something, you better learn it because it will be used all year long. Even if it is difficult, LEARN IT! Also, webpost, webpost, webpost! DON’T FORGET THEM!

    I don’t think Mrs Skinner could have done a better job. She was one of the most fluent and thorough teachers I have had. The only reason I have the grade I have is because of my thrive for Chemistry and the difficulty of it (not that Mrs. Skinner made it difficult). If there is anything that I thought we could have done better would be to learn the periodic table in sections and not all at once because some students were overwhelmed with all of that information at once.

  15. Chemistry has aided me exponentially in teaching me what collage will be like and how to work and thrive in a difficult class. For future students, I would advise them to never underestimate the class and always try their best. As for something I could have done differently, I would have studied far differently than I did early in the year, and would have changed how I learned to be less passive and more active.

  16. 1. Personal Growth and what I’ve learned:
    I’ve taught myself that I can do hard things academically if I just apply myself
    2. Advice for Future Chemistry Students:
    Lock in and try your best not to procrastinate imbrace that fact that not everyone’s good at everything
    3. Improving the Learning Experience:
    To improve I would say there isn’t much maybe more hands on in my opinion but I really appreciate the attack on the lesions we did

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