Physics 10-31-11 Friction on Inclines

PHYSICS: Who knew snow skiing could be so complicated! Well friction problems on an incline anyway. Here’s the lecture/problem review from Monday on friction problems on an incline. Remember, drawing the diagram is super, super important. Label all the forces, and apply the concepts you know about net forces and resultant forces. And practice!!

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8 thoughts on “Physics 10-31-11 Friction on Inclines

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I understood EVERY PROBLEM on our homework tonight! I feel so accomplished! I’m sure it won’t last long, but I’m still excited!
    Also, can Courtney, David, Jackson the birthday boy, and I come do a lab during 3rd or 7th period tomorrow? Or possibly after school…we haven’t decided yet. When are lab books due?

  2. Can we work on those problems we had for homework today in class? I did really undertsand some of the problems and how you get acclerations form just a force

  3. Do bigger masses have bigger terminal velocities or does terminal velocity all depend on surface area and air resistance?

  4. So is the reason a penny could never kill you if dropped off the top of the empire state building is that its terminal velocity isn’t high enough right?

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