Chemistry Memorization & Chemical Formulas Quiz Thursday

Hey guys! How’s the studying going? Nicholas has uploaded everything you have to memorize for this chapter into one quizlet. Thanks, Nicholas!!

Chemistry 10-26-11 Oxidation Numbers

CHEMISTRY: One man’s rust is another student’s lesson in chemistry! From Wednesday – here’s the lecture on oxidation numbers. Lots of good practice at the end on this one. Need help? Don’t forget the practice at Go to

Good luck studying for the Chemical Formulas & Memorization quiz tomorrow! You need to know: polyatomic ions, monatomic ions (but you can get these off the periodic table), acids, and the chemical names and formulas of common substances. That’s a lot!

Physics 10-26-11 Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws

PHYSICS: So an object at rest can be at equilibrium, but what about an object that is moving? And how does equilibrium relate to Newton’s first law? Or Newton’s second law? And what if you don’t have balanced forces. Here’s the lecture from Wednesday on just that! Now remind me, net forces produce what?