Hon Chemistry (and Chemistry) Help Session – Monday Morning, 7:15ish A.M. ….or 7:20ish

Did you get the word about the help session Monday morning? It will mainly for Honors Chemistry, (test Tuesday!), but we’ll also be doing chemical formulas and names, if anyone in regular chemistry wants to come also. I’ll be there Monday morning around 7:15ish…. or probably closer to 7:20ish since it’ll be Monday morning! 🙂

Have you had a chance to look at the Chapter 7 “Stuff to Know” sheet? Here’s an UPDATED copy with the stuff we added from other chapters. WOW! You’ve learned a lot since we’ve started this chapter – and remember, the test will have some of chapter 3 and also polymers.

Chapter 7 “Stuff to Know”

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22 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry (and Chemistry) Help Session – Monday Morning, 7:15ish A.M. ….or 7:20ish

  1. Just to make sure I understood, we’ll have a test on memorization/the first half of the chapter 7 study sheet tomorrow, and all the work problems on wednesday?

    • Ryan – Everything but actual mole problems, percent composition problems, empirical formula problems, and molecular formula problems. The problems will be on Wednesday.

  2. When asked to give oxidation numbers, do we give just the charge of the elements or like their entire charge(including the subscript)?

  3. For a compound, does a coefficient show the number of moles for the entire compound, or for the element which it precedes?

  4. For a coefficient of a compound, does it represent the number of moles for the whole compound, or just the element it precedes?

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