Chemistry 10-19-11 Chemical Formulas Review & Important Announcements

CHEMISTRY: So did today help? How’s it going with writing formulas and naming compounds? On the worksheet for tonight, write the formula in one column and in the other column, write the name of the formula you just wrote – just like we did today in class. Lab tomorrow, don’t forget the lab write-up!

A couple of important announcements: The polyatomic ion quiz will be Monday, not Tuesday. Also, don’t forget to turn your AIG trip permission slip in on Thursday.

Speaking of class – bad day for recording, especially when the teacher forgets to turn on the mic! Here’s the vodcast, but with no sound. I’m still posting it, however, because I want you have access to the “Naming Chemical Formulas” flow chart that I showed you in class today. Copy this chart into your notes and use it every time you write a chemical formula name until you can do it correctly without looking!

Physics 10-19-11 Equilibrium

PHYSICS: So how is the balance in your life? 🙂 Here’s the lecture from Thursday on net force, equilibrium, and equilibrants. Were you experiencing a little déjà vu? Let’s explore that a bit more tomorrow, and then ACT prep on Friday.

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