Chemistry 10-31-11 Moles, Mass, Atoms Problems Practice

CHEMISTRY – So, how big a bucket do you think we’d need for a mole of candy corn? Yum! 🙂 Here’s the short review we did on the mole, mass, atoms problems. Did it help? Just don’t forget the conversion factor, and think through the problems. Put units first and then numbers. Make sure what you’re doing has a reason and makes sense!

Image by Evan-Amos

Physics 10-31-11 Friction on Inclines

PHYSICS: Who knew snow skiing could be so complicated! Well friction problems on an incline anyway. Here’s the lecture/problem review from Monday on friction problems on an incline. Remember, drawing the diagram is super, super important. Label all the forces, and apply the concepts you know about net forces and resultant forces. And practice!!

flickr photo by t i g