Hon Chemistry 11-30-11 Intro to Radioactivity

HON CHEMISTRY: Welcome to nuclear chemistry! No, really, I think you’ll be surprised how much nuclear chemistry is already a part of your everyday life. And now you know where E=mc2 came from!! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday; we’ll finish the properties and begin talking about nuclear equations tomorrow. By the way, you need to read about the life of Marie Cure. Fascinating woman of science with an incredible story!

PHYSICS 11-30-11 Power & the Horsepower Lab

PHYSICS: Great job on the horsepower lab. Lotta noise – I’m thinking some of you took out some of your physics phrustrations on the stairs! Post your own horsepower numbers here. Did you notice that not all of the stairs are the same height? BTW: 1 Hp = 746 W and 1 kg = 2.2 lb. Post your lab results here. Who has the most power? And why?

Here’s the lecture from today on power. Great start on the problems!

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Physics 11-29-11 Chapter 5 Review Worksheet Problems

PHYSICS – Hey guys, it was good to get back to exercising the old gray matter today! Here are some of the problems from the first chapter 5 review worksheet: 3, 4, 5, 2, and 10. Watch out for 2 and 10! You did a great job on them with me in class, but make double sure you can work them also by yourself. That’s homework tonight, re-work by yourself the ones you didn’t get before. And then do it again til you make sure you have it! 🙂

I’ve never seen Old Faithful in person, have you? So we calculated the velocity of the water coming from the bottom – reckon how much power that would be? Power? Let’s talk about that tomorrow!

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Chemistry 11-29-11 Dalton’s Atomic Theory vs. Modern Atomic Theory

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Pennies turned to gold? Tell me again – how you could you prove that it was or wasn’t? Hey – what a lot of theory today! So the smallest thing that can be that thing is an atom. How do we know that? Well, we have to start at the beginning, and that’s Dalton’s Atomic Theory. Great job today comparing it with the Modern Atomic Theory. Keep those examples in mind when you’re studying for the test – especially when it comes to explaining those laws.

Did you hear about the make-up lab change? It will be this Thursday at 7:15 A.M. – last one of the year!

By the way – when you listen to the vodcast, that awful clicking noise you hear just might have to do with my necklace sliding back and forth across the mic. Sorry about that! 🙂

Physics Roller Coasters & Worksheet

PHYSICS – Hey guys, great job on the roller coasters today! Who’s your vote for King of the Roller Coasters and why?

Did you get a copy of the correct worksheet. You want the one that says Chapter 5 Review Worksheet. Click here for a copy if you need one. Check the newly revised syllabus for the exact numbers you are supposed to do. See you tomorrow? Hmmmmmm……

Happy Thanksgiving & Welcome Back!!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Do you know what I’m very thankful for? You! Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into chemistry and physics. Keep it up and don’t give up.

Are you ready to begin again? Get ready for two intense and phenomenal weeks! Stay strong and trust in the truth that will never fail, that will endure forever!

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Be thankful unto Him and bless His name, for the Lord is good, His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.”

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Chemistry 11-18-11 Chapter 7 Test Review

CHEMISTRY: It’s been a crazy week, huh? Good luck in studying for the test! Here’s the review we did today. Also, did you find the Chapter 7 Stuff to Know sheet on Edline? Click here on the name, if you need one. I know it seems like a lot, but you can do it! (Remember that you don’t have to know diatomic molecules.)

First priority – make sure that you have memorized EVERYTHING. Then, go to sciencegeek.net and make sure you can write and name chemical formulas. Practice, practice, practice!!! Then start practicing the different kinds of problems – do at least three of each one of them. And also try those on sciencegeek.net. That’s always some good practice. Good luck – I’ll be praying for you! You can do it!!

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Physics 11-18-11 Law of Conservation of Energy

PHYSICS: So why is the first hill of a roller coaster always the highest? Here’s the lecture from Monday on the conservation of energy. Great job on the concepts and problems today – let’s put it to practice next week, and even this weekend on that take-home lab. Hey, if you were to design a roller coaster, what would it look like?!? 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 11-18-11 Average Atomic Mass

HON CHEMISTRY: Awwww….aren’t they cute! So what do you think the average atomic mass of puppies is? Here’s the lecture from Friday on calculating the average atomic mass of isotopes. Isotopes…. not puppies. 🙂

Have a great weekend! And to the cast and crew of Father Knows Best, break a leg!

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Physics 11-17-11 Potential Energy & the Work Energy Theorem

PHYSICS: Speaking of balancing acts, this has been one more week, hasn’t it – and it’s only Thursday! Thanks to all of you who gave blood or tried to give blood today! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on potential energy. And here’s something to think about for tomorrow – why is the first hill of a roller coaster always the highest?

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