Physics 10-28-11 Friction & Normal Force (& Zorba!)

PHYSICS: So why don’t things that are moving just keep moving? Here’s the intro lecture on friction. Remember a few key things. Net forces produce acceleration. You can find Ff a couple of different ways – it’ll be part of a net force equation and can be found from the coefficient of friction equation. If and ONLY if your object is moving at a constant velocity, Ff will equal Fa. Fn is only sometimes equal to Fw. If your object is pulled at any angle (or pushed), Fn will be a part of Fnet in the vertical direction. Is that enough for now? Have a great weekend!!

BTW – Did you figure out Zorba? The solution is at the beginning of this vodcast.

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Hon Chemistry 10-28-11 Polymers

HON CHEMISTRY: Well, we finally finished the chapter! Did you realize molecules could be that large? And so many of them. But don’t you think polymers are cool? Here’s the lecture from Friday. Some items for contemplation: why are certain plastics recyclable and others not…and what about dishwasher and microwave safe?

BTW – Here’s a copy of the Polymer Worksheetif you need it. And the rest of the homework for this weekend is to answer the Standardized Test Prep at the end of chapter 7. Test Tuesday! 🙂

Polymer Worksheet

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