Physics 9-30-22 Angular Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – So we are finally putting it all together – angular projectile motion! Here’s the lesson – some homework discussion and then angular projectile motion.

The number one thing to remember – Never use the resultant velocity to do more than find the vertical and horizontal components! And vertical is vertical, horizontal is horizontal and don’t ever mix the two!

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3 thoughts on “Physics 9-30-22 Angular Projectile Motion

  1. ASK:
    Q: How are vertical and horizontal velocities different?

    A: Horizontal velocity is considered without the factor of acceleration due to gravity and an initial, constant velocity is a given measurement. On the other hand, vertical velocities incorporate acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m/s^2) but don’t have an initial velocity.

  2. This week I triumphed by quickly understanding the vertical and horizontal relative motion and projectile motion problems. Next, I will work on the angular projectile motion problems as they are more difficult than the other problems we have worked.

  3. This week went fairly well. I understood all of the material that we learned, and I did well on the homework. I was also able to begin working on my lab reports. I really enjoyed how we got to illustrate a complex physics concept in real life on Wednesday. However, even though I understood Friday’s lesson, I am not sure how well the homework will go because of the various areas for possible error. Overall, I would give myself and this week 4.5/5 stars.

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