Physics 9-23-22 Component Method of Vector Addition

PHYSICS – I missed you today!! Are you on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition? So which do you like better? Give yourself a chance to get used to separating everything into x and y and it will click, I promise!

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Chemistry 9-23-22 Lab Apparatus & Lab Safety Contract

CHEMISTRY: It’s been a great week – you’ve accomplished a lot! Here’s the assignment for today and information on the homework for this weekend.

Lab Apparatus Assignment – Identify the equipment in the Lab Apparatus Review Assignment on Canvas. On the Chemistry Canvas page, scroll down to Assignments and you’ll see the assignment. Once you start the assignment, you will have 20 minutes to complete it. It will count as a lab grade. It’s due on today (Friday) by the end of class. If I counted right, there are 65 questions – 33 pieces of equipment. IMPORTANT: It’s a great idea to do the practice at least once before you do the actual assignment.

Lab Safety ContractSince we’ll be in lab so much, it’s important that you write your own lab safety contract. Here’s how you do it::

  • From the first couple of pages of the Safety Packet that you got in class (or it’s also here under the Lab tab), hand write the lab safety statements as your contract.
  • They must be handwritten on notebook paper. You only have to write the first part of the rule that is bold. There are 29 in all and they almost all start with “I will…”.
  • At the end of your contract – after the last statement, hand write the following statement at the bottom: “I agree to abide by these rules.” Then sign underneath and date it.
  • Scan your final signed document as a PDF and submit it into your Chemistry Shared Folder. The assignment name is Lab Safety Contract.
  • IMPORTANT: You must have this safety contract submitted to be able to participate in lab for the rest of the year! Due Monday!