Hon Chemistry 9-22-22 Lab Safety Test Overview

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job with evaporating today, and great job in lab this week! Wow – you’ve learned a lot!! God bless you as you finish up studying for tomorrow’s test! Be sure and check out the Lab Safety Stuff to Know sheet on the Test Info tab.

In addition to the lab safety packets and the lab safety video, this is some VERY IMPORTANT information to study

  • All the lab apparatus at your lab station and in the slide show – be able to identify it all and know what all the apparatus is used for.
  • Know the parts of the Bunsen burner and how to light one.
  • Know the parts of the balance and be able to measure mass with a balance AND volume with a graduated cylinder.
  • I’ll ask you about safety control equipment and where it’s found in the lab.
  • I’ll also have the safety symbols and the information they represent on the test
  • Make sure you can both set up or draw and label diagrams for filtering and evaporating

HUGE HINT: Go back and view the earlier posts/slide shows on Lab Apparatus, Lab Tour, Lighting a Bunsen burner, Measuring Mass and Volume, etc. Also, I’ve posted a lab apparatus & uses review on Canvas. All of these are VERY helpful for the test!!

God bless you as you study! It’s a ton of information, but you can do it!! I’ll be praying for you!!

Chemistry 9-22-22 Lab Equipment

CHEMISTRY – There’s a ton of useful equipment for chemistry this year! Below is a slide show with an overview of the apparatus that you’ll use in the chemistry lab. Click on the title above the slide show for a PDF of everything in the slide show. For all of the equipment, here’s what you need to know:

  • Know the name of each item.
  • Explain the use of each item (it’s written in white on the slide)

The second slide show is a great tour of our lab. It’s very important information about where stuff is and what it’s used for. Click on the title above the slide show for a PDF of everything in the slide show. I think you’ll find the lab tour very helpful. Both of these would be a great way to study equipment for the test! (Hint, hint!) 🙂

Lab Apparatus Assignment for Thursday– Study the lab equipment in the slide show below and then, when you know them, identify the equipment in the Lab Apparatus Review PRACTICE Assignment on Canvas. On the Chemistry Canvas page, scroll down to Assignments and you’ll see the PRACTICE assignment. You are doing the PRACTICE  today before you do the actual lab quiz assignment tomorrow in class. Also, pictures of most of these are in the back of the Safety Packet.

NCS Chemistry Lab Equipment

NCS Chemistry Lab Tour