Hon Chemistry 9-26-22 Intro to Chemistry

HON CHEMISTRY: So now that you know how to use all the tools we’ll need in chemistry, it’s time to start talking about ….chemistry!!

Were you able to able to make applications with the branches of chemistry and categories of scientific work? We’ll finish talking about the properties of matter tomorrow. Don’t forget the applications!

Now it gets interesting! 🙂

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Physics 9-26-22 Component Vector Addition – Concept Review

PHYSICS: I do believe you are well on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition. Good job! Pay careful attention to the smallest details – it can make a huge difference.

Here’s the overview of the conceptual questions from the homework – super short!

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Chemistry 9-26-22 Lab Safety & Procedures

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Great video, but do you feel like you have information overload!?

Here is the lab safety video we watched in class. It does have a ton of info, and the thing is, you absolutely must know it – and not just for the test, but also throughout the year in lab. It’s a really good idea to watch it again and take notes as you go.