Physics 2-23-24 Pascal’s Law

PHYSICS: Did you realize that fluids could produce that much force? Make’s you wonder at the awesome way God designed those beautiful under water sea creatures to withstand so much pressure, doesn’t it? This little creature is a lionfish from the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia.

Here’s the lecture on Pascal’s law and hydraulics and the like.

Physics 2-27-17 Pascal's Law from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by CW Ye

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11 thoughts on “Physics 2-23-24 Pascal’s Law

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  4. I think that my triumph that I have had/been having is managing my work and staying ahead and on top of whatever I can! I think that this has been going pretty well for me.

  5. This week i triumphed by first off completing my web post. Secondly i was doing the lab wrong on Monday, but once miss.skinner corrected me i was able to get it done efficiently.

  6. This week has been a fun week for physics! We were able to make a short movie with the hydraulic robots and learned about pressure in fluids. I am grasping what we have learned so far, and hopefully I’ll do well on the test.

  7. This week was very chill. I appreciated slowing down and taking everything in rather than jumping into a new lesson immediately. I had tons of fun and i’m looking forward to many weeks like it in the future.

  8. This week was a much needed slower pace. The video we had to record was actually so much fun i’m so excited about that! i think overall it was a good week.

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