Chemistry 2-27-24 Percent Yield

CHEMISTRY: So are you a cookie dough lover? Not me – I like my cookies crispy!

Here’s the last of the applications of stoichiometry problems – percent yield. Be careful to remember that percent yield is all about product. The masses in the formula will be from products. The masses of the reactants will only be used to find the mass of the product.

HW UPDATE: Correct page numbers for tonight’s HW are • Pg. R113 – 114; 224b, 225a, 227a,b AND Pg. 311 – 314: 32*, 35*, 40

You realize what we’ve done… we’ve finished the chapter!!

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14 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-27-24 Percent Yield

  1. This week i triumphed over yield percent. I struggled for the first time doing it, but after practicing it i got way better.

  2. This week I triumphed by understanding the percent yield pretty quickly and being able to recover from my poor start in the lab and being able to finish.

  3. I triumphed in my understanding and practice of the new percent yield lesson. I quickly picked up the new chapter and was able to apply it.

  4. I learned good in class this week, but haven’t done so well on the homework. I think a couple of days pf reviewing will help though.

  5. One thing I triumphed in this week was my ability to understand and apply the new skill for percent yield. I was able to quickly apply the new skill with little to no trouble.

  6. This week I triumphed in applying what we had learned earlier in the year about conversion factors and moles to our stoichiometry problems and yield problems.

  7. This week I triumphed in really focusing in class and taking great detailed notes ensuring that when I go home to study I have the necessary ingredients in the recipe to be successful on the test this Friday.

  8. this week i have triumphed in learning and understanding the percent yield in class, but on my homework i have gotten a little bit confused as far as the road map when working problems.

  9. This week i triumphed in knowing how to use the percent yield formula to solve problems and have learned how to complete them and get the right answers

  10. This week I triumphed in the lab. The lab run through really helped me understand the lab and know what to and get started as soon as I walked into class. Macie and I worked very efficiently on our lab and got it done.

  11. This week I triumphed by figuring out how to work percent yield and stoichiometry problems. I did all my homework, which was good review and it helped me understand how to work the problems.

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