Chemistry 2-20-24 Stoichiometry

CHEMISTRY: Wow!! Great job today with stoichiometry!! Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned from the last few chapters together. It’s like cooking – figuring out what you need to get what you want. Slightly different ingredients, though. Don’t forget molar mass and mole ratio!

HW INFO – To find the pages for tonight’s homework, either go the the Textbook HW Tab and you’ll find the pages there. Also you can go to the online textbook, open the chapter, and then in the section where you can enter page numbers, enter R109. Either of these will take you to the pages for tonight’s homework.

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Physics 2-20-24 Archimedes’ Principle

PHYSICS: So when you were floating in the pool this summer, did you enjoy your fellowship with buoyant forces? 🙂 From Wednesday – Archimedes’ Principle.

Great topic for investigation! Speaking of which – what did you find? When the kid jumped out of the boat, did the water level rise, fall, or stay the same? Hmmmm…..

flickr photo by marlana