Hon Chemistry 2-22-24 Nuclear Reactors, Fission & Fusion

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! What do you think about fission and fusion? Can you now begin to understand the destructive force of the hydrogen bomb? It’s a fusion bomb! Just another reason you might not want to plan a trip to the sun!!

We put the final touch on a lot today, and guess what? We’ve wrapped up the chapter! How are you doing on studying for the test? It will cover the beginning part of chapter 3 (through average atomic mass) and chapter 21. Did you find the Stuff to Know Sheet?

Practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! I’ll be praying for you!

Hon Chemistry 12-7-16 Isotopes, Nuclear Reactors, and Fusion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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15 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 2-22-24 Nuclear Reactors, Fission & Fusion

  1. Something I did well this week was study for my test. I did this by practicing lots of problems and really analyzing my notes to understand the material on a deeper level. I think I did very good in studying for this test and I hope to get even better at studying for the next one.

    This week we had a chem test, so i had a lot of studying to do. Sunday night I spent so much time on the test to prepare. We get the grade back (i think) wednesday, and i really hope i did well. Instead of just reviewing notes, I made applications like drawings, mini tests, flow charts, ect. I feel that I triumphed in taking the test because I prepared well. I could very well have failed and gotten a 40, but I know I did well personally because of preparations. My triumph was taking the test and surviving. God gives us each abilities, but I’m thankful He has given me the ability to learn and study. I triumphed because I prepared and had a lot of notes to prepare with.

  3. This week I triumphed in getting my homework done. I have been getting my work done at school which allows me to go home and relax. This semester I have a study hall which means I can do my homework at school instead of home. I also have been taking advantage of extra time in my classes. Instead of talking and getting on my phone, I work on classwork/homework. I try to get stuff done ahead of time so I’m not rushed the night before.

  4. My triumph this week was not being overwhelmed by the chemistry test and its grade. I should’ve studied more efficiently to better prepare myself, but I was able to spot where I messed up and can more effectively study next time, so that I do better in the future.

  5. This week my triumph was studying well for all my quizzes this week. I studied for them all beforehand. Usually I wait until the day of and try to study at school but this week I didn’t do that. Another triumph was having to get over the hump my chemistry test put me on. I had to let go of my emotions and just accept the grade. I had to understand that I have to try harder next time.

  6. I did well by making a pretty good grade on my chemistry test this week. I did well because I prepared a good study guide and had a good study method. I took time to study for it.

  7. This week I triumphed on starting to study a couple of nights before the test. I should have studied more than I did though because I did not do as well as I thought I did.

  8. This week, I triumphed by doing well on my test and getting rewarded for my studying. I worked hard to make sure that I was prepared for the test and studied efficiently. Also, the test was a mix of memorization and application, so I had to study the memorization parts and practice effectively for the application section.

  9. This week I triumphed by making time to study when I was at a soccer tournament all weekend. I did not receive the grade I wanted but I learned from my mistakes and will know next time to put units.

  10. This week i triumphed in being able to do my homework efficiently so I can do other things with my time. I also remembered to do the weeks webpost and not forget!!! I also learned how not to do the problems on the test and will do better in the future.

  11. This week my triumph was my chem test. I may not have made an A but I did better on my multiple choice that I have on most of my other tests previously. I still have a lot to improve upon because my problems weren’t worked out right, but overall I’m proud of how I did this week.

  12. This week I triumphed in our chain reaction lab. We were able to make a long chain reaction without making any mistakes or getting behind. I did not get a good grade on the test but I learned from my mistakes and kept a good attitude. I paid attention well to the brain games and learned interesting things about my brain.

  13. This week I triumphed by noticing the mistakes that I made on the test and throughout the week. On the test I didn’t put enough time into learning the material for the written problems in order to do them the right way and not only just to get the right answer. In the future I will throughly teach myself the right way to do things instead of skipping through it.

  14. This week i did good on studying for my test in advance, this made me not have to scram the night before and study all the material. Studying couple night ahead made it easier for me to grasp the concept and understand what i was learning better, therefore as an outcome, get a decent grade on my test.

  15. This week I triumphed in my test grade. I got really close to an A, and I will keep pushing until I make it. I studied very hard and made sure to know the material backwards and forwards. I also did many example problems and used quizlet to study terms.

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