Chemistry 9-25-18 A Look at Hand Drawn Graphs

CHEMISTRY: Were you happy with your hand drawn graph? Here’s the very short review today of good and some not so good graphs.

HOMEWORK INFO: For tonight (Tuesday), make your final copy of your hand drawn graph – you’ll bring your physical copy of the graph tomorrow.

Speaking of the first graph – be careful with your hand drawn graph! Watch this vodcast for good and bad examples. Carefully review the instructions on how to draw them. Common mistakes – switching independent and dependent variables, the scale on an axis not consistent along the axis, graph too small, line not a best fit, forgetting to label the axis, etc.

And finally – NEATNESS is very important!!

flick photo by Caleb Roenigk

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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-25-18 A Look at Hand Drawn Graphs

  1. For this week so far, I would give myself a 3-5. So far I haven’t screwed up as majorly as I have in the past. For instance, I actually had my work done this week, I just couldn’t turn it in. Go me. Tomorrow will be an obtained goal-work done and turned in-long awaited. Sister signing off, olivia. <3

  2. A Purdy C3

    This week so far I give myself a 3/5. I have been studying for the re test and I hope to do a lot better and use better study skills. I forgot to turn my lab in to turnitin, so that is going to hurt my grade. Hopefully I can pull my grades up with the extra credit though!

  3. This week so far I give myself a 2/5. I am using different study skills to study for the re test so I will hopefully do better. I forgot to turn my lab into turnitin, and that will hurt my grade. Hopefully I will be able to pull up my grade with extra credit!

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