Hon Chemistry 1-25-12 Periods & Block of the Periodic Table

HON CHEMISTRY: Isn’t the periodic table an amazing thing? It will surely prove to be a very valuable tool for you! Are you starting to get the hang of using electron configuration to determine the ID of an element, and vice versa?

And what about Noble gas notation? This vodcast from last year will go back and explain how you were able to figure it out using the periodic table. Don’t forget, practice, practice!

CHEMISTRY 1-25-12 Flame Test Lab

CHEMISTRY: Wow! Great job on the flame test lab – pretty cool, huh?! It’s one of my favorite labs. What was your favorite color. Did it help you understand something about how fireworks must work?

Lab reports are due Monday. What about the conclusion? Answer the objective, and explain how you used flame tests to identify an unknown. And don’t forget the questions at the end!

Flame test - Cu
Image source jchemed.chem.wisc.edu/…/JCE2004p1776AWfig4.gif