Chemistry 1-9-12 Half-Life Review & Applications of Radioactivity

CHEMISTRY: Happy Monday! How are you doing with the half-life problems? Some were ok/easy, from last night, but a couple of them, number 28 and 43 (I think) were kind of unusual to think though. Practice them over and over, even if it’s the same problems. The practice will help you learn to think your way through them.

Well, we didn’t get to talk much about applications of radioactive isotopes, so let’s continue that tomorrow. Good luck finishing up the half-life lab. The due date has been changed. Your lab books are due Wednesday.

Photo by Steve Jabo, NMNH.

Physics 1-9-12 Collisions

PHYSICS: Collisions – they’re all around us and they all obey the law of conservation of momentum. Here’s the lecture on the types of collisions. How are you doing with the problems? Setting them up is key, then it’s all downhill from there!

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Hon Chemistry 1-9-12 Photoelectric Effect

HON CHEMISTRY: Fun field trip today! What? There really aren’t tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Wal-mart? Good job coming up with examples of the photoelectric effect. I hadn’t ever thought about those automatic flush toilets! 🙂

What did you think about the problems? Again, make sure you not only memorize formulas, but also be careful to learn the symbols and units for each of the quantities you’re going to use, it’s easy to get them confused. Here’s the lecture from Monday – well, not exactly. Someone, and that would be me, forgot to turn on the mic, so here’s a blast from the past that will work.

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