Chemistry 1-11-12 Fission & Fusion

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys! Here’s the lecture from today – fission and fusion, and the end of chapter 21! Have you started studying? Be careful and don’t take the test for granted!

Make sure you practice half-life problems and nuclear equations. Also, make sure you’ve memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles, positrons, neutrons, and protons. And then there are tons of notes on the conceptual stuff. Properties of radioactivity, people, types of radioactive decay, applications of radioactivity, definitions, definitions, and definitions!

By the way, did u get the notice about the help session tomorrow morning – 7:15ish A.M. Practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! I’ll be praying for you!

Physics 1-11-12 Collision Problems Review

PHYSICS – Don’t you love these high speed pics! Here’s the review of the problems from Wednesday. You are doing a great job on the problems – and you helped me figure something out too! I was really proud of the way you were connecting the conservation of momentum with the conservation of energy.

How are you doing with applying the concepts? Let’s tackle that one last time tomorrow before the test. And help session Friday morning, 7:15ish A.M.