Chemistry 2-1-12 Noble Gas Notation

CHEMISTRY: Great job on doing the noble gas notation today! Are you starting to get the hang of it? How’s the coloring going on your periodic table? Read the instructions for it very carefully – colored pencil is not that easy to erase! πŸ™‚

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Hon Chemistry 1-25-12 Periods & Block of the Periodic Table

HON CHEMISTRY: Isn’t the periodic table an amazing thing? It will surely prove to be a very valuable tool for you! Are you starting to get the hang of using electron configuration to determine the ID of an element, and vice versa?

And what about Noble gas notation? This vodcast from last year will go back and explain how you were able to figure it out using the periodic table. Don’t forget, practice, practice!

Hon Chemistry 1-18-12 Noble Gas Notation

HON CHEMISTRY – Okay, maybe the noble gases do have more in common with this noble of the jungle than I thought! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on writing noble gas notation. Are you learning to read/write it from the periodic table? πŸ™‚

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