Hon Chemistry 1-24-12 History of the Periodic Table

HON CHEMISTRY: From Tuesday, here’s the brief, brief intro we did on the history of the periodic table – right before you started pretending to be Mendeleev. 🙂

We missed you Candice. Happy new baby in your family!

Image sorce http://www.daviddarling.info/images/noble_gas_discharges.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-24-12 History of the Periodic Table

  1. do we just write the “most abundant element” homework as a regular hw or do we have to write it in a certain way?

  2. The periodic table is a much bigger tool than I thought, and I’m glad we are learning how to use it more in this chapter.

    • Candice – I’ve had to change the make-up lab date. It will be Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 or Wednesday morning at 7:15. You both can come either one of those times. It’s going to be kind of interesting making this one up in the dark! 🙂

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