Chemistry 1-4-12 Intro to Radioactivity

CHEMISTRY: Happy new year and welcome to nuclear chemistry! We only barely got to begin today, but let’s finish talking about the properties of radioactive nuclides tomorrow. I think you’ll be surprised how much nuclear chemistry is already a part of your everyday life. And now you know where E=mc2 came from!!

Have you got a copy of the syllabus yet? It’s really important that you read it carefully – especially so you’ll know what to do about the half-life lab.

Here’s the brief intro lecture from Wednesday; we’ll finish the properties and begin talking about nuclear equations tomorrow. By the way, you need to read about the life of Marie Cure. Fascinating woman of science with an incredible story!

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13 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-4-12 Intro to Radioactivity

  1. I really like learning about radioactivity and i was shocked when i found out that all radioactivity is not bad for you

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