Chemistry 1-5-12 Radioactive Decay

CHEMISTRY: So ordinarily it looks like just any old hunk of rock, but this is a picture of uranium ore under UV light. Pretty cool, huh?!? Here’s the lecture from Thursday on the properties of radioactive nuclides and the types of radioactive decay.

Hey, great job learning to write nuclear equations today! Don’t forget to memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), positrons, neutrons, and protons. I don’t think it will be nearly as bad as polyatomic ions! 🙂

Have any of you decided you want to get a head start on the half-life simulation lab? Don’t let it stress you out! It’s one of easiest labs you’ve done. But it does require that you READ the instructions on the syllabus and the website. If there is something you still don’t understand, make sure you ask me, I’ll be glad to help! And speaking of half-life, let’s calculate it tomorrow. Calculators ready!

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17 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-5-12 Radioactive Decay

  1. Hey! Well it’s good to be back in 6th period. I’ve found this past weeks lesson interesting even though the whole half-life idea has given me a bit of trouble. Hopefully like you said the practicing will definately help.

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