Hon Chemistry 11-30-11 Intro to Radioactivity

HON CHEMISTRY: Welcome to nuclear chemistry! No, really, I think you’ll be surprised how much nuclear chemistry is already a part of your everyday life. And now you know where E=mc2 came from!! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday; we’ll finish the properties and begin talking about nuclear equations tomorrow. By the way, you need to read about the life of Marie Cure. Fascinating woman of science with an incredible story!

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-30-11 Intro to Radioactivity

    • Evan – It’s posted now in a separate post and also in the post on Thursday’s lecture. Holler if you still can’t find it.

  1. Ms. Skinner, is Einstein’s theory something I need to study, or did you just tell us to show us where the theory came from? It’s more interesting than I thought it would be…

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