Chemistry 11-1-11 Formula Mass

CHEMISTRY: So……’s it going? The good news is, you did a great job catching on to formula mass today. Bad news was getting that quiz back today! You’ve gotta, gotta, gotta learn those formulas. Flash cards, saying them as you write them a bazillion times, whatever it takes, you’ve got to memorize the formulas for the polyatomic ions and acids, especially those, as well as the other common compounds. That won’t be the last quiz, you know. (Hint, hint!!) And then there’s the test. And you have to know them to write formulas so you can calculate formula mass and molar mass. And for the next chapter so you can write balanced chemical equations. And for the next so you can do stoichiometry. Get my drift? You can do it, I believe in you!! Here’s the lecture on calculating formula mass. Calculators tomorrow!

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