Physics 11-28-17 The Work Energy Theorem & Conservation of Energy

PHYSICS: See?! I wasn’t kidding about the balancing rocks movement!

Great job today on making connections between work and energy! I think you’ll like using the work-energy theorem, it’ll save you some time and a couple of steps. Don’t forget about friction!

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Physics 12-1-11 Work-Energy Problems

PHYSICS – Happy first day of December! Great work on the problems today! I think it was a good idea for us to regroup and make sure you had the work-energy theorem down before we move on to the last part of the chapter tomorrow. Are you still trying to follow formulas, or are you starting to be able to think through the problems and and begin to make connections?

Be careful – don’t just start grabbing formulas and throwing in numbers. Make sure the formulas make sense – ask yourself every time why it makes sense for you to put that particular number in that particular part of the formula. And work them over and over and over until it comes naturally to you!

This means that the homework for tonight is changed. You have one final review worksheet that will be due next Tuesday. I scanned and linked a copy for you here – it’s two pages. Start with the questions and problems that are circled – I may add more to the list later. Chapter 5 Review Worksheet 2

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Physics 11-17-11 Potential Energy & the Work Energy Theorem

PHYSICS: Speaking of balancing acts, this has been one more week, hasn’t it – and it’s only Thursday! Thanks to all of you who gave blood or tried to give blood today! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on potential energy. And here’s something to think about for tomorrow – why is the first hill of a roller coaster always the highest?

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