Chemistry 11-16-17 Formula Mass & Molar Mass & Molecules

CHEMISTRY: So how many water molecules do you think are in this drop? Now you have enough information to find out. Can you figure it?

Here’s the lecture from Thursday on formula mass and molar mass, and then using molar mass and Avogadro’s number as a conversion factor. You’ve got a couple of great tools – so now think through the problems and go forth and conquer!! Be sure and practice them so you don’t forget!

Chemistry 11-14-16 Formula Mass & Molar Mass & Molecules from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Hon Chemistry 4-11-12 Stoichiometry

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here’s your first lecture on reaction stoichiometry. You did a great job applying what you remember about moles from earlier this year! Dont’ forget the keys! Now all you need is some practice and you’ll have it down pat. 🙂

Chemistry 11-4-11 Mole Problems & Moles of Chalk Lab

CHEMISTRY: Great job on the moles of chalk lab! You set a land speed record for finishing a lab, and no hints. Good job! How’d you do on that mole problem worksheet? Here is a review of some of the problems.. At the end, it also has instructions for the lab, just in case you were out today. By the way, the lab can be written up on a sheet of paper instead of in your lab books.

Chemistry 10-31-11 Moles, Mass, Atoms Problems Practice

CHEMISTRY – So, how big a bucket do you think we’d need for a mole of candy corn? Yum! 🙂 Here’s the short review we did on the mole, mass, atoms problems. Did it help? Just don’t forget the conversion factor, and think through the problems. Put units first and then numbers. Make sure what you’re doing has a reason and makes sense!

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Chemistry 10-28-11 Moles, Mass, Atoms & Avogadro

CHEMISTRY: So… how big a bucket do you think we’d need to hold a mole of frogs? 🙂 Nope, not the furry brown creature that burrows underground, it’s a whole different thing! Here’s the lecture from Friday on moles, mass, and Avogadro’s number. I still say he has a cool name…

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Hon Chemistry 10-18-11 Using Chemical Formulas – Moles & Mass

HON CHEMISTRY: Good job using chemical formulas as tools today! So it turns out there are tons of ways that you can use them. Like finding molar mass, moles, and molecules! Did it all sound familiar to you – like we were repeating yesterday’s lecture? Here’s the lecture from Tuesday.

Hon Chemistry 10-17-11 Moles, Molar Mass & Avogadro’s Number

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday on moles, molar mass, and Avogadro’s number. Remember, it’s all in terms of one mole. The mass of one mole, the molar mass, is the average atomic mass of the element in grams (periodic table). And the number of atoms in one mole is …. well you know that. Speaking of moles, isn’t he cute? Well, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. Hmmmm………

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