Chemistry 3-29-12 Molecular Geometry

CHEMISTRY – Who knew we’d be doing geometry in chemistry?!? Here’s the lecture on molecular geometry, with a little practice at the beginning on polyatomic ions and resonance. Molecular geometry is super easy. Make sure you know how to draw Lewis structures, then determine the type of ABE structure and you’ve got it. Easy-peazy!

Chemistry 3-28-12 Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, you’re really doing a great job connecting the dots with Lewis structures! Here’s the lecture on polyatomic ions. Don’t forget to count the electrons! And then double check the number of electrons. And when you think it’s right, count the electrons!! 🙂

HELP SESSION tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 7:15. Come if you’d like some extra practice or some help!

Chemistry 3-23-12 Covalent Bonds & Intro to Lewis Structures

CHEMISTRY: Well, since we began the weeks with learning how we can’t always trust what we think our eyes see, and then we ended the week with dots, I thought this would be the perfect picture to go with today’s vodcast. Can you count the black dots? How many? Are you sure?

Good luck practicing Lewis Structures this weekend! You’ll be seeing dots all over the place before you know it!! 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 2-23-12 Multiple Bonds, Resonance & Polyatomic Ions

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, great job with Lewis structures, multiple bonds, resonance, and polyatomic ions today. Wow, that was a lot! Here’s some good advice – don’t take shortcuts. Learn the proper steps on the easier molecules, and you’ll be able to do the hard ones. And if it’s still all Greek to you, don’t worry! Keep practicing and you’ll get it, I promise!! Don’t forget to count electrons and don’t forget CONS!