Chemistry 3-28-12 Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, you’re really doing a great job connecting the dots with Lewis structures! Here’s the lecture on polyatomic ions. Don’t forget to count the electrons! And then double check the number of electrons. And when you think it’s right, count the electrons!! 🙂

HELP SESSION tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 7:15. Come if you’d like some extra practice or some help!

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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 3-28-12 Polyatomic Ions

    • Rachel – We missed you today! We aren’t behind on the syllabus, I just cancelled Monday’s homework. Everything else is what it says on the syllabus. Come to the help session tomorrow morning if you can! Hope you feel better!!

  1. Mrs. Skinner i’m really enjoying this chapter. This makes me use my brain more. Love doing lewis structures, it’s like doing cross word puzzles.

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