Chemistry 3-29-12 Molecular Geometry

CHEMISTRY – Who knew we’d be doing geometry in chemistry?!? Here’s the lecture on molecular geometry, with a little practice at the beginning on polyatomic ions and resonance. Molecular geometry is super easy. Make sure you know how to draw Lewis structures, then determine the type of ABE structure and you’ve got it. Easy-peazy!

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17 thoughts on “Chemistry 3-29-12 Molecular Geometry

    • Macon – I didn’t realize the track team was leaving today, I thought it was the softball team! That’s why I was a little confused!

  1. Is it ok for me to take my test next tuesday because wednesday is a short period? Or do you still want me to take my test on wednesday?

  2. i really enjoyed this project! are we supposed to put it on a flashdrive and then come to the school and save it to the chemistry 6th folder?

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