Honors Chemistry 2-17-12 Lewis Structures

HON CHEMISTRY – I just love dots! Here’s the lecture on drawing Lewis structures. Practice, practice, practice. You can do it! Warning: before you know it, you’ll be seeing dots everywhere!

flickr photo by Spotted drum ā™„ (on & off)

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9 thoughts on “Honors Chemistry 2-17-12 Lewis Structures

  1. So our Science in the News is to find an article that directly answers #77 on page 213 about the triangle theory? Can you give us a hint on where to find the article? I haven’t found any news article about the triangle theory about artificial sweetener.

  2. I really enjoy lewis sturctures šŸ™‚ do we need to do number 77, too, or find a science in the news article on it? or both?

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