Chemistry 3-23-12 Covalent Bonds & Intro to Lewis Structures

CHEMISTRY: Well, since we began the weeks with learning how we can’t always trust what we think our eyes see, and then we ended the week with dots, I thought this would be the perfect picture to go with today’s vodcast. Can you count the black dots? How many? Are you sure?

Good luck practicing Lewis Structures this weekend! You’ll be seeing dots all over the place before you know it!! 🙂

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Hon Chemistry 2-16-12 Intro to Chemical Bonds & Covalent Bonding

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here is the lecture on the intro to chemical bonds, electron dot notation, and covalent bonding. Make sure you add the diatomic molecules to your “things I have to memorize for the test” list. We’ll tackle Lewis structures tomorrow! 🙂

flickr photo by Today is a good day