Chemistry 11-16-22 Binary Molecular Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Do you feel like you have letter and numbers swimming in your eyes? This is one of those times that paying attention to details is super, super important! Here’s the lecture from Tuesday on writing formulas and names for binary molecular compounds. Part of it’s really similar to what you learned to do for ionic compounds, but another part is totally different. Details!!

Make sure you keep everything straight. Do something that will organize all the information for you, so you won’t get confused. Also, don’t forget the lists you have to memorize – it’s getting larger and larger!! And practice, practice, practice!!!

Need extra practice? Help session Thursday morning, 7:30 AM

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48 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-16-22 Binary Molecular Formulas

  1. My triumph this week has been coming to class prepared everyday this week. I have been able to do this because at the beginning of the week I read and printed everything I needed for this week instead of reading and printing it the day before. It has made me feel much more organized and prepared.

  2. My triumph this week would be coming to class prepared to do the lab. Having read and made sure I knew what I was doing helped not only allow me to pass my pre-lab quiz but also to do the lab with my partners quick and efficiently.

  3. My triumph this week was reading my lab the night before and in the morning before I took the lab so I wouldn’t risk contamination or getting someone hurt with the chemicals. This allowed me to pass my lab quiz to take the lab.

  4. My triumph is being very prepared for everything we have done/are going to do in class this week. On Sunday night, I made sure to read and know about the lab activity we did on Monday, and I have been preparing this week for our quiz on Friday.

  5. I triumphed this week in learning how to write chemical formulas better as we added more rules. At first when we started, it was difficult to know when to add prefixes and when to put parenthesis, but as we practiced more, I began to understand when to do what rule.

  6. This week I triumphed in class with taking good notes and answering questions and on the physics classroom I completed the wizard level without getting any questions wrong

  7. I feel I triumphed this week by getting to class on time 4/5 times this week! Really I triumphed on focusing in class and working hard. I hope more weeks are to come of hard work and dedication.

  8. This week in class I triumphed in studying a little bit each night for our test on Friday. I have not procrastinated too terribly. I have kept up with all my makeup work from being absent last week.

  9. What i triumphed over this week was being prepared for the lab instead of coming to class unprepared. Also studying often to make sure i know all the material on the test for Friday.

  10. I triumphed this week by remembering all of the chemcals’ charges, which helped me be able to write and name the chemical formulas for the assignments and for the test on Friday

  11. This week I triumphed in not procrastinating on studying for the test Friday. I’ve studied a bit each night, and it’s helped a lot so far.

  12. One thing I triumphed in this week was coming to class prepared. I did this by bringing all of my supplies to class and I was ready to take notes.

  13. I triumphed this week on how to do the formula on binary molecules and polyatomic ions I am consistent on the formula and I am learning my acids and common substances

  14. I triumphed this week on learning how to right chemical formulas also I realized I forgot some of the memorization so I went back and studied it for my quiz that we are having Friday .

  15. I have triumphed this week by finding new methods to study my acid and common substances list. I have allowed myself appropriate time to study before tests, and remembered to take breaks between study sessions. In addition to this new method, I have learned a lot of rules that are useful for naming substances as well as understanding the stock and period system better.

  16. This week I triumphed in being prepared for the lab on Monday. I took the pre lab quiz and got a 100 the first time. I feel that if I prepare for labs how I prepared for this previous lab, I will do good on the pre lab quizzes and I will breeze through the labs ahead.

  17. This week I feel like I’ve done well at understand chemical formulas and being able to name them because I have been practicing every night this week.

  18. This week I triumphed in being prepared for the lab on Monday. I came to class early with my worksheet read and was able to start the lab as soon as I could.

  19. My triumph this week was doing good on practice five and six because I took good notes in class and was able to look back at them when I needed help.

  20. This week in chemistry I have triumphed by getting better and faster at naming chemical formulas! I did the in class physics classroom activity in only 10 minutes! I hope this prepares me for the test, and I know the extra practice is helpful. I triumphed this week because I praticed hard and even when I failed I kept going.

  21. This week my triumph was not stressing too much about the test on Friday. Instead I learned a little bit at a time so that I would not be overwhelmed with studying on Thursday night.

  22. My triumph this week was not procrastinating to do my homework. Instead, i finished it the day it was assigned and had it prepared to turn in when i got to class.

  23. A triumph I had for this week is making sure I memorized all of the things for the test. I did well on the practices to help prepare for the test.

  24. My triumph this week was with the lab I read the lab and understood everything that was needed to be know to do all the steps properly. And because of that I was able to get 4/4 questions correct to go and do the lab during class time.

  25. I triumphed this week with practice 5 and 6. I was able to work quickly and efficiently by writing down the problems as I worked. I was also able to finish them both in a short amount of time, whereas in the past it has taken me much longer. I also took the time to make flash cards to study for the quiz.

  26. I triumphed this week. I did well in comprehending the new material for this week. I took good notes and practiced a lot which helped me be familiar ith the material.

  27. This week I did well at studying farther in advance in order to be ready for the test. I don’t always do this so I end up cramming at the last minute which isn’t helpful. Since I didn’t cram and studied a little bit each night I’ve learned more.

  28. This week, I did well at the physics classroom activity. I used my time in class to get some done and then finished the rest at home. I was able to do it faster at home because I thought the problems out without distracting noise and I learned as I went.

  29. A triumph I had was studying throughly even though I might not make the best grade on my test I studied hard and gave it my best effort

  30. This week I triumphed in studying a couple days before the test. I feel like this helped me a lot . I learned the acids and common substances a lot easier.

  31. A triumph I had this week was not being scared and nervous to ask questions about what I was confused on. I usually am too scared to ask questions aloud in class.

  32. This week I triumphed in doing my webpost and studying hard for my test. I spent alot of time before I would going to sleep even staying up late on most nights to study. I feel confident in my work.

  33. This week I believe I triumphed in not putting off studying. I started studying in advance so I wouldn’t be cramming it in my head the night before. I think it paid off and I hope I do well on the quiz.

  34. This week I triumphed with staying on top of my work even though I was a little busy this week. I am very proud of myself for having endurance and staying focused this week as we learned about polyatomic ions and acids. I am also grateful for a week of rest after a long week of hard work ! Happy thanksgiving

  35. This week I triumphed in practicing over and over again. I studied before hand and practiced a lot on science geek and other websites. I hope I do well on this test.

  36. My triumph for this week is memorizing chemical formulas and names because it made factoring out and finding the answer quicker and more efficient. Which this helped me prepare for the test

  37. I triumphed this week on studying hard for my test on Friday. I studied for 3 hours on the common substances, polyatomic ion, acids, crossing over and writhing formulas. I studied very hard and long so hopefully the results will show with my test grade.

  38. The triumph I have experienced this week was memorizing the polyatomic ions and common substances to apply them during the test.

  39. This week I triumphed in studying better. Instead of trying to study other people’s quizlets, I made flash cards. These helped me memorize the polyatomic ions better.

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