Physics 11-3-22 Friction & Forces on an Incline Problems Review

PHYSICS: Boxes and block, all slipping and sliding… Is it starting to make a little more sense? Here’s a look at some of the problems on an incline that might have a twist. A little extra fun! 🙂

You’re getting it…keep sledding and watch out for net forces!

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Hon Chemistry 11-3-22 Oxidation Numbers

HON CHEMISTRY: So how are the chemical formulas and chemical names coming? With oxidation numbers, you now have a few guidelines to help polish up what you already know!

Oxidation rules! We’ve really already been using oxidation numbers, you just didn’t know it! 🙂

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Chemistry 11-3-22 Chemical Names & Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Great job learning to name binary ionic compounds – and even beginning to write formulas!

Speaking of formulas, what is your plan for all the memorization in this chapter? Word of warning – don’t wait to the last minute!!

Super important – the secret for the next few days and this entire chapter is DON’T GET BEHIND! Keep up with me and practice, practice, practice!