Chemistry 5-10-19 Activity Series & Chapter 8 Review

CHEMISTRY: Great way to end the chapter! Here is our overview of the test, one last look at the activity series, and practice from the worksheet from last night. Need more practice? Help session Monday morning, 7:20ish A.M.

Practice, practice, practice balancing equations! Also, don’t forget to give yourself time to practice the chemical formulas and symbols you’ve memorized, and you must memorize your notes so that you can apply that information! I’m praying for you as you prepare for the test!!

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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-10-19 Activity Series & Chapter 8 Review

  1. I learned from the chemistry project. That hard work and dedication pays off although when I first received the packet on the project I was over whelmed and thought this is impossible because all I’ve ever hear is you have the chemistry project. But I survived finished it and hopefully I did good. God showed me not only to wait till last minute which ofc I didn’t do but to always trust him no matter what that things may not work out your way but he has a plan. And that the next day your goin to wake everything’s going to no okay it may be hard but every thing will be fine.

  2. The project was tough. I would have to say I learned a great lesson that isn’t thrown in front of u everyday. The lesson that I received was how small and useless something could be but when put or added in with something else it could change the perspective of things. This goes for life too. I also learned not to go down in an mine like this in the first place.

  3. On the chemistry project, I learned that I need to use my time more wisely on projects in the future. I can do this by taking small steps over a longer period of time rather than doing everything all at once. God taught me that forgetfulness is okay, but I need to learn to manage it.

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