Chemistry 5-9-19 Types of Chemical Reactions

CHEMISTRY: Happy Thursday! Okay, maybe balancing equations isn’t exactly like this, but…..

Here are the notes from today hints for balancing equations and then our discussion on the types of chemical reactions. Do you feel a little better about them?

UPDATE for tomorrow – we’re going to postpone the lab til next week (probably Tuesday) and do a little more balancing equations practice before the test on Monday! Fun times!! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-9-19 Types of Chemical Reactions

  1. I learned so many things from doing this chemistry project…which I am so excited is finally over. The first thing I learned was to stop questioning myself on every little thing. So, I would look things up and have it completely figured out one day, then the next day I would change my plan and basically start all over. This caused me to get the project done and still question my choices, but by then it was too late to do anything about it. The next thing I learned was dedication. Like most, I really wanted to quit and just turn it in however it was going to be, but after a day or two break from the project my dedication kicked in…thankfully. The third lesson I learned was that it’s okay to not understand something the first time. This is something I have been working on all year long. Sometimes I would look items up and not understand what the internet was trying to say. So, at first it was frustrating, but then I decided to take a step back and come back to it later. With a new mindset I was able to understand much more clearly. Even though I’m thrilled to be completed, I’m glad I got to experience this project. It taught me a lot. Hope for a great rest of the week!!!

  2. The project taught me so many things that I didn’t think it could teach me. The biggest thing I learned from it was that I need to manage my time better, and not wait until the last minute when I’m going to get really stressed out. God taught me how to give up my time to do something I did NOT want to do. Sometimes you have to just let go of being comfortable for a short period of time in order to learn bigger things. The project was one of those things. I now know that I have to dedicate time to things I don’t feel like doing, so that I can learn from those experiences.

  3. This week I’d rate myself a 3/5. The project taught me a lot. First, it taught me to be patient. Throughout the week before the project was due, my printer and internet just decided to act up and go in and out. But when I was patient it felt like everything ran smoothly. Second it taught me perseverance. There were so many times that I thought about stopping to turn in what I had but there were so many points that would have been taken off if I had done that. Third, it taught me not to procrastinate. Even though I got finished early, There were still minor mistakes throughout the project. Next time an assignment this big occurs I will be aware that there can be mistakes and will correct them when I see them.

  4. I learned from the project that if you do a little bit of it each day it’s not as stressful as doing it all in one night. What God taught me was don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. He also taught me to persevere and to finish strong even when I could barely stay awake.

  5. I learned alot from the chemistry project! One of the major things i learned was to go with my gut because i would have my project all ready and then i would look over the items i didnt take and second guess myself which really delayed some of the time i had working on it. God taught me to not try to take on this project by myself but trust in him to help me get through it.

  6. I learned 2 things from the project first i learned to be patient because when i was impatient it made doing the project a much more frustrating. Secondly i learned to be confident with my answer because i was questioning a few of my items but i decided because i did the reasearch it was all good.

  7. I learned a lot from this chemistry project. I learned hard hard work and my first true long and difficult project. I learned most importantly to never procrastinate. I need to get a start on things the first day I get them. This project was a great learning szpierence for me but I’m glad it’s over

  8. I learned many things about many things this week, but one the chemistry project I learned not to procrastinate and do it over a length of time and not all at one moment as well as to make sure I do it correctly and not rush through things so I can make a good grade.

  9. I learned a lot from the chemistry project. I learned that to do good on assignments takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you do it correctly. I learned patience because I was never patience before i mean I had a few break downs but other than that I was just peachy. I learned many ways to use chemicals in different things in life and I can’t wait to learn more. I also learned not to rush so I know I did it right so I don’t miss anything small or stupid

  10. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this Chemistry Project. I learned patience throughout this entire project. I also learned to not be anxious about the project, because it doesn’t make it any easier. I also realized the importance of not procrastinating and making good use of your time management.

  11. The chemistry project has taught me many valuable lessons that I am very thankful to have learned. I did not procrastinate in doing the project, and that really ended up helping me in the end. I am very thankful for that. I managed my time very wisely. I thought out of the box to find ways to not only survive, but to think like a chemist would.

  12. I learned a lot from the project. I learned to have patience and that god will always have the answers to the problems you are stuck on. Also I learned to not put something off to the last min that I need to do a little each day to make sure I get all of it done.

  13. This project taught me many things. It taught me how to preserve even when the task seems impossible. It also taught me how to stay calm and don’t stress. I feel as though God used this project to grow me into a better young man than I was the day before.

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