Hon Chemistry 5-3-19 Limiting Reactants

HON CHEMISTRY: So if you have 11 roller wheels, how many roller blade skates can you make? You know, really, limiting reactant is almost that simple. Well, the concept is anyway! You deal with limiting reactants in your life all the time. Now we’re just applying that same concept with chemical reactions! 🙂

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  • Chemistry 5-3-19 Ionic Bonding Review & Test Notes

    CHEMISTRY: Soooo many dots!!! From Friday, here’s our very short overview of the ionic bonding equations that will be on the test. How do you feel about the Chapter 6, Part 2 test on Monday? Need practice or help? Help session Monday morning, 7:20ish.

    The Chapter 6, Part 2, test will be a shorter test and will be over:
    1) All of ionic bonding (even the info from the beginning of the chapter)
    2) Properties of ionic and covalent compounds and how they compare
    3) Metallic bonding

    Study hard and PRACTICE!!! I’ll be praying for you!!

    Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash